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submitted by usmleuser007(370),
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some0217710  Aren’t both H.pylori and EBV associated with gastric lymphoma? +3  
baja_blast  You're right that EBV is associated with gastric lymphomas, but this is specifically asking about marginal zone lymphoma (or MALToma) which is associated with H. Pylori, not EBV. +1  

submitted by welpdedelp(216),
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,kO so RNA enndpeedt AND psryoelaem si rfo srveree lsngie tndadesr + sue NAR edepdnetn NAR soepmlrea.y nCa meensoo ilexnap?

hyoid  The only thing I can think of is that HIV is a (+)-sense single-stranded RNA virus that relies on an RNA dependent DNA polymerase (reverse transcriptase) to synthesize DNA. +1  
haliburton  according to [medbullets link]( ns ss RNA must carry RNA dependent RNA polymerase (so that is out). also, according to medbullets there are very few ds RNA viruses, so "most likely" will be ss. Also, RNA-dependent DNA polymerase = Reverse Transcriptase. Since HIV is a ss ps RNA virus with RT, they've described an HIV cousin. not sure beyond this. +  
some0217710  Can’t think of any retroviruses outside of HIV and HTLV and they’re both +ssRNA +1