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submitted by mcl(380),

So if you didn't h8 bedbugs enough, they can apparently also serve as vectors for drug-resistant bacteria including MRSA HOW FUN IS THAT

spacepogie  SO FUN +2  

submitted by keycompany(185),

Urinary tract infections are the most common acquired cause of Vesicouteric Reflux (VR) in children. VR can lead to Reflux Nephropathy, which is characterized by chronic tubulointerstitial inflammation with fibrosis and scarring, leading to renal failure.

lancestephenson  Can someone please explain what's going on in this picture? This is the SAME PICTURE used in NBME 20 and 21 with one of them being a 66 y/o with urothelial cell carcinoma and the other being tubular atrophy. I just don't know anymore +20  
spacepogie  I'd be happy to send them a gift card to purchase more stock images of kidneys for use in future exams... +8  
diabetes  i think VR should lead to bilteral kidney damage and here only left kidney is affected.should we suppose that right kidney also is affected ? +1