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Welcome to staph_aureusxx’s page.
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 +1  (nbme18#30)

So the vitamin deficiency the girl is having is vitamin D. why? because of her diet how? bone fractures + demographics result? diet --> gut fiercely affects intestinal calcium absorption in the gut.

the distractor was the bone fractures and poor wound healing which wanted you to pick collagen synthesis.. which I did twice -_-.. but I think in this case of a question; when it seems too simple; explain to yourself why the other answers don't make sense.

I think I keep choosing A not realizing that vitamin C deficiency would present with lot more signs and symptoms like easy bruising and bleeding gums.

pg32  I think it's also important to realize that their veganism is the giveaway. Vitamin C is in fruits and vegetables and wouldn't be lacking in her diet. Vitamin D3 is mostly found in milk supplemented with Vitamin D, though it can be found in smaller amounts in plants as well. +2
pg32  Additionally, if you want to get reeeeally picky about collagen synthesis as an answer choice (cuz I was debating picking that one as well), a vitamin C deficiency causes an issue with collagen cross-linking rather than "synthesis." I know it is nit-picky, but the question says the vitamin deficiency DIRECTLY affects the process. +
blah  I nearly went with something to do with collagen synthesis, but what changed my mind was that it said that they did not give the patient ANY dairy products. +

 +2  (nbme23#45)

precapillary resistance = describing the arterioles. he's got minimal protein in the urine; and no albumin. the key was paying attention to the blood pressure. Pressure is regulated by the resistance vessels as boards calls it which is the arterioles aka precapillary resistance.

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