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So the vitamin deficiency the girl is having is vitamin D. why? because of her diet how? bone fractures + demographics result? diet --> gut fiercely affects intestinal calcium absorption in the gut.

the distractor was the bone fractures and poor wound healing which wanted you to pick collagen synthesis.. which I did twice -_-.. but I think in this case of a question; when it seems too simple; explain to yourself why the other answers don't make sense.

I think I keep choosing A not realizing that vitamin C deficiency would present with lot more signs and symptoms like easy bruising and bleeding gums.

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precapillary resistance = describing the arterioles. he's got minimal protein in the urine; and no albumin. the key was paying attention to the blood pressure. Pressure is regulated by the resistance vessels as boards calls it which is the arterioles aka precapillary resistance.

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