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Welcome to staygoodpupper’s page.
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submitted by medstudied(1),
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staygoodpupper  Morphine mostly undergoes phase II metabolism and is then excreted renally. Some of the metabolites are metabolically active, and her creatinine was a little elevated, so renal clearance could have been impaired. +10  
celedkin the diagram in this article is useful to follow the metabolism of morphine +1  

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pug_sheen  I think they are talking about the GHRH receptor on somatotrophs, which works through the cAMP pathway. +  
staygoodpupper  I don’t know how it relates to GH/IGF-1 in particular, but the question said there was a mutation in the alpha subunit of Gs, which activates adenylyl cyclase. +3  
kash1f  I agree the patient does have Acromegaly, but in the question it talked about how the patient had a mutation that prevented the GTPase activity of Gas. So Gs would be overactive --> excess adenylyl cyclase +27  
hyperfukus  ugh i was so excited too bc i thought i remembered jak stat epicfail +3