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please help according to winters equation the patient has a normal anion gap

ergogenic22  winter's formula is to look at the compensation to see if it is appropriate. PCO2 = 1.5[HCO3-] + 8 +/- 2 In this case, 1.5* 10 (Pt's bicarb) +8 +/-2 = 21 to 25 Pt's PO2 is 23, so compensation is appropriate. If PCO2 was below 21, it would be concomitant respiratory alkalosis +4  
ergogenic22  in other words, winter's formula is not necessary for this question +1  
the_sacramento_kings  lol unless you want to make sure its not A. +1  
hello  @ergogenic22 Someone might use Winter's formula to rule out choice A. +  
maxillarythirdmolar  respiratory depression of alcohol should rule out "A" +