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submitted by bobson150(3),

The wording of this question confused me. This is asking "which of these vessels is the high pressure system" right? So the high pressure superior rectal is causing increased pressure into the inferior rectal?

welpdedelp  Superior rectal comes from the inferior mesenteric vein which comes from the splenic vein --> portal veins Thus, this dude had cirrhosis so it would "back-up" into the superior rectal vein. FA 2018: p360 +5  
nc1992  Superior rectal not superior mesenteric. Took me a minute +  
hyperfukus  ugh am i ever gonna get these right EVER +2  
titanesxvi  why not the inferior mesenteric, since the superior rectal drains there +  
thomasburton  @titanesxvi think it is because question says direct which is why superior rectal +1  
lilyo  thomasburton, so are they asking what vessels do internal hemorrhoids directly drain into? The order is Superior rectal vein--> Inferior mesenteric vein--> portal vein. +  

submitted by rogeliogs(1),

This Question its about respiratory burst

Patients with NADPH deficiency=chronic granulomatous disease (CGD)

Even though patients with CGD can't make Superoxide, they can use it from the bacterias and convert it to bleach HCLO and kill the bacterias.

BUT bacterias with catalase enzymes neutralize their own superoxide and thats why the CGD patient can't kill them.

Catalase positive bacterias: S. aureus - Aspergillus

thomasburton  I thought E.coli was catalase positive too? Why can that not be correct? +1  

submitted by usmile1(10),

does anyone know what the structure E is pointing to?

thomasburton  Not sure looks like it might be free ribosomes or other such small cytosolic structure (I picked E too, thought B looked way too big!) +  
targetusmle  same here!! marked e thinking of it as a mitochondria +