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Welcome to usmlelol’s page.
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 +1  (nbme21#20)
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submitted by usmleuser007(366),
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yex This helps somehow, the first part about capillary pressure. +  
usmlelol  that's the exp part:: The average capillary hydrostatic pressure is determined by arterial and venous pressures (PA and PV), and by the ratio of post-to-precapillary resistances (RV/RA). An increase in either arterial or venous pressure will increase capillary pressure; however, a given change in PA is only about one-fifth as effective in changing PC as the same absolute change in PV. Because venous resistance is relatively low, changes in PV are readily transmitted back to the capillary, and conversely, because arterial resistance is relatively high, changes in PA are poorly transmitted downstream to the capillary. +  

submitted by nwinkelmann(281),
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zpatel  what video? +7  
usmlecharserssss  porn video how they make this embryo and yolk sac +1  
samsam3711  Shorter video that explains this pretty well: +5  
focus  @samsam3711 that video is BOMB. Thank you!!! +