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Welcome to vinniewolf17’s page.
Contributor score: -1

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 +0  (nbme24#7)

Phase 3 examines whether or not the new drug is more efficacious than the gold standard treatment. As the stem gives no information as to if the drug is compared to other treatment or a gold standard, this is a classic example of a poorly written NBME question.

misterdoctor69  But just from knowing that the phase includes a LARGE # of patients, that alone should tip you off on it being Phase 3... +1

 -3  (nbme24#22)

The pain in this patient as described in the stem is indistinguishable from testicular torsion as testicular torsion can start in the unilateral abdomen and move to the testes. Chalk it up to yet another crap NBME question

obgynnycstep1  it might, but patient's age and not mentioning the scrotum swelling should be taken into consideration +

 -1  (nbme24#20)

Anyone going to mention that C. perfringens has been demonstrated to have a high association with gastritis and shellfish and that parahaemolyticus is a cause of necrotizing fasciitis?

tiredofstudying  FA 2020 Pg 178. +

 +0  (nbme23#33)

incorrect question. PPIs are associated with diarrhea and c diff which would cause acute onset severe diarrhea

makinallkindzofgainz  PPIs don't usually directly cause diarrhea. The stem mentions nothing about potential C. diff. Misoprostol directly causes diarrhea. I also put PPI, but I can see why I was wrong. +2
mhmdreyad this also say that PPI is the first line in treatment +

 +0  (nbme23#32)

metabotropic glutamate receptors mobilize intracellular calcium in the occipital cortex. NMDA allows calcium to flow into the cells.

 +2  (nbme23#49)

Stellate Ganglion is not involved in the regulation of heart rate: Gotta love those shit NBME questions.

drzed  Lol did you read the article: "the right stellate ganglion block (RSGB) decreased heart rate" +2

 +1  (nbme23#28)

This question is incorrect. The reflexes are normal in the BLE. Subacute combines degeneration compromises the dorsal horns; which is why it got the name "combined" Can always count on Shit NBME questions.

123ojm  yes I'm sure you know so much more than the actual physicians who write the questions. anyway, SCD affects the dorsal columns, not the dorsal horns. +

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