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The squamo-columnar junction situated at the external os of the cervix is one site which is highly vulnerable to metaplasia or neoplastic transformation under adverse circumstances, such as chronic infection or trauma. Usually, squamous metaplasia where squamous cells replace the columnar cells of the endocervical canal, is observed. However, in less common situations, particularly after trauma, tubal metaplasia may develop, replacing endocervical nonciliated columnar epithelial cells by ′ciliated columnar′ cells, similar to those seen in fallopian tubes. Tubal metaplasia is mostly seen in the upper part of the endocervical canal near the internal os, but may also be found in the endocervical glands or the lower endocervical canal. http://medind.nic.in/jbb/t08/i1/jbbt08i1p33.htm

charcot_bouchard  But they are asking in healthy individual. I dont get why they add this ciliated part?
thotcandy  @charcot_bouchard FA19 pg 612 says the only thing that's ciliated is Fallopian tubes... shit doesn't make sense yo

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