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Welcome to vonhippelindau’s page.
Contributor score: 19

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 -1  (nbme21#12)
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haliburton  i think it is critical to remember that constipation is what caused the diverticulosis. +3
lola915  Crohn's presents with +/- bloody diarrhea, not constipation +

 +11  (nbme21#24)
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seagull  Seems like fatty change would require more than 1 weekend. I choose swelling since it's reversible and seems like something with a quick onset. +40
nc1992  I think it's just a bad question. It should be "on weekends" +16
uslme123 +20
uslme123  So his hepatocytes aren't dying ( ballon degeneration ) vs just damaged/increased FA synthesis due to increased NADH/citrate +
sympathetikey  @seagull I agree! +
et-tu-bromocriptine  It's not in pathoma, but I have it written in (so he or Dr. Ryan may have mentioned it) - Alcoholic hepatitis is generally seen in binge drinkers WITH A LONG HISTORY OF CONSUMPTION. +
linwanrun1357  Do NOT think the answer of this question is right. Cell swelling make more sense! +1
fkstpashls  some asshole in suspenders and a bowtie definitely wrote this q, as I've seen both acute swelling and fatty change be used to describe one episode of drinking. +12
msw  short term ingestion of as much as 80gm of alcohol (six beers) over one to several days generally produces mild , reversible hepatic steatosis . from big robin 8th edition page 858. Basically to develop alcoholic hepatitis with cellular swelling etc you have to have sustained long term ingestion of alcohol while steatosis can develop with a single six cap . hope that helps . ps i got it wrong too . +1
msw  six pack8 +
mariame  After even moderate intake of alcohol, lipid droplets accumulate in hepatocytes increasing with amount and chronicity of alcohol intake. (...) Fatty change is completely reversible if there is abstention from further intake of alcohol. The swelling is caused by accumulation of fat, water and proteins. Therefore this will occur later. From big Robins 9th pg842. +

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submitted by oznefu(21),
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vonhippelindau  Leprosy is a noncaseating granuloma fyi. I found that granuloma with suppuration can be caused by blastomycosis according to Robbins (pg 710): “In the normal host, the lung lesions of blastomycosis are suppurative granulomas. Macrophages have a limited ability to ingest and kill B. dermatitidis, and the persistence of the yeast cells leads to continued recruitment of neutrophils. In tissue, B. dermatitidis is a round, 5- to 15-μm yeast cell that divides by broad-based budding. It has a thick, double-contoured cell wall, and visible nuclei (Fig. 15-38). Involvement of the skin and larynx is associated with marked epithelial hyperplasia, which may be mistaken for squamous cell carcinoma.” +5  
usmleuser007  Pyogranulomatous Inflammation An inflammatory process in which there is infiltration of polymorphonuclear cells into a more chronic area of inflammation characterized by mononuclear cells, macrophages, lymphocytes and possibly plasma cells. Actinomyces sp. is gram-positive, acid-fast–negative filamentous bacteria that cause pyogranulomatous infections in dogs, cats, cattle, goats, swine, horses, foxes and human beings. +1