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submitted by iviax94(6),

I was between hypokalemia (due to diarrhea) and hypercalcemia/hyperuricemia (since sweat is hypotonic and would cause hyperosmotic volume contraction). I didn’t have a great way to decide between hyperCa/hyperuricemia so I figured they wanted hypoK. Is there a better rationale for why the hyper answers are incorrect?

liverdietrying  I think you over-thought this one a little bit with the hypercalcemia/hyperuricemia. Good fact to commit to memory: you lose bicarb in the stool (hence why diarrhea causes nonanion gap metabolic acidosis), and especially lose potassium with laxative abuse (as mentioned in the question stem). https://www.uptodate.com/contents/acid-base-and-electrolyte-abnormalities-with-diarrhea +1  
w7er  Basically they are asking about electrolyte distrubance that cause collapse mainly due to hypokalemia from laxative abuse because diarreha cause hypokamlemia and also cause incrase in renin angiotensin sytem which will further cause hypokalemia resuling cardiocascular colapse :) +  
hyperfukus  i thought the hyperuricemia thing too but i wasn't smart enough to think they wanted hypokalemia like u :( +