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Contributor score: 67

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 +25  (nbme23#15)
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enenciaaMtn soed arfolum is (ssC × lC × )tua ÷ F

weerh sCs si ysatsetde-at gratet mslaap .ccno fo d,gur lC is ,ecnecarla uat si gsaode lraientv &p;am F si lybvbiiioi.aaalt

eheNirt dagseo viratlne ron ilibabayavtliio si gievn, os gnirgino hsteo &;map gupnlggi in eht rsebunm ralf(cue ot trvceno tuisn ot kadg//:)ygm

1=(2 /gmuL × 1 0/0m1g0 gu) × (9.00 gh/L/kr × 0010 L1m/ L × 42 h/r1 ay)d
= 2529. gag//ymkd

h.whi..c 'snti ayn fo eht ersnwa occihes es.litd Teyh tsum evha eudordn 9.00 rhg/Lk/ to 10. //,gLkrh and oingd so esvig yxtcela 8.28 am//gdgyk ch(coie )C

lispectedwumbologist  That's so infuriating I stared at this question for 20 minutes thinking I did something wrong +70
hyoid  ^^^^^ +11
seagull math never worked either. I also just chose the closest number. also, screw this question author for doing that. +9
praderwilli  Big mad +9
ht3  this is why you never waste 7 minutes on a question.... because of shit like this +8
yotsubato  Why the FUCK did they not just give us a clearance of 0.1 if they're going to fuckin round it anyways... +18
bigjimbo  JOKES +1
cr  in ur maths, why did u put 24h/1day and not 1day/24h? if the given Cl was 0.09L/hr/kg. I know it just is a math question, but i´d appreciate if someone could explain it. +1
d_holles  LMAO games NBME plays +2
hyperfukus  magic math!!!!! how TF r we supposed to know when they round and when they don't like wtf im so pissed someone please tell me step isn't like this...with such precise decimal answers and a calculator fxn you would assume they wanted an actual answer! +1
jean_young2019  OMG, I've got the 25.92 mg/kg/day, which isn't any of the answer choices listed. So I chose the D 51.8, because 51.8 is double of 25.9......I thought I must have make a mistake during the calculation ...... +6
atbangura  They purposely did that so if you made a mistake with your conversion like I did, you might end up with 2.5 which was one of the answer choices. SMH +3
titanesxvi  I did well, but I thought that my mistake was something to do with the conversion and end up choosing 2.5 because it is similar to 25.92 +2
makinallkindzofgainz  The fact that we pay these people 60 dollars a pop for poorly formatted and written exams boggles my mind, and yet here I am, about to buy Form 24 +15
qball  Me after plugging in the right numbers and not rounding down : +1
frustratedllama  Not only do you feel like you're doing sth wrong but then that feeling stays for other questions. sucks so baad +
fexx  'here.. take 50mg of vyvanse.. I just rounded it up from 30.. dw you'll be fine' (totally doing this with my patients 8-)) +1
cbreland  I was so close to picking 2.5 because I thought I did a conversion error. 5 minutes later and still didn't feel comfortable picking 28.8😡 +

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submitted by docred123(6),
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Can nnaeyo heurrft pelixan sthi!? I udocl aeentliim a fwe item oisechc nda I esesgud croryl,tce ustj need erom ooimia!trnfn Tshkan

wired-in  Patient has 5 yr h/o hep C, so it is chronic. Chronic inflammation is characterized by presence of lymphocytes & plasma cells while neutrophils is more characteristic of acute inflammation (Pathoma Ch. 2). AFP is within reference range so probably not HCC. Choice D, palisading lymphocytes & giant cells suggests granuloma which isn't typical of hep C. +42  
almondbreeze  Fa2019 pg 215, 217 on acute/chronic inflammation +1  
popofo  But doesn't AFP has not-so-high sensitivity for hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC)? If so, a negative result shouldn't be able to rule out HCC? +  
popofo  But doesn't AFP has not-so-high sensitivity for hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC)? If so, a negative result shouldn't be able to rule out HCC? +