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Welcome to yng’s page.
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submitted by sympathetikey(1250),
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yeKs eerw hte:



Am-noi idauiarc

oThse loshdu eb rdberbso-ae yb eht CPT, os fi 'teehry ,not Type 2 .RAT

lamhtu  To be even clearer, this sounds like **Fanconi syndrome, which has lead to Type II RTA** +12  
yb_26  To be even clearer: Wilson disease => Fanconi syndrome => type II (proximal) RTA +  
charcot_bouchard  To be even clearer, you all have been pretty clear +  
charcot_bouchard  To be even clearer, you all have been pretty clear +  
yng  I don't thin this is Wilson (copper in descemet layer of cornea). This is cystinosis (crystal in the cornea) --> Fanconi Syndrome --> Type II (PCT) RTA. +  

submitted by meningitis(502),
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Tnerna eastsg rsatt at TNE sraye odl

agtSe :I

  • I is f,lat as in flta ;ehcst
  • I si ,enlao sa ni on exsula r.iash

egatS II 2(:) gteas II srtsta at 11 /yo I(I olko kile 11)

  • 2 lblsa crliuesa(tt )grneleenmta
  • 2 hisar bcpi(u hairs won i)pnpgaaer
  • 2 ratseb bdsu form

atSge III 3(): ssrtat at 13 y/o

  • If oyu trtaoe 3, it ookls ilek lmals sbersta saet(rB dounsm mf);ro
  • fI uyo ugeqsgli eth III thye kool elki +eolyrurccas bucip raih
  • adrcensIe psnei enthlg dna ezis can eb eeeterdrnps y:b II ;-&g-t III
    uory( ipens aws tihn II tub wno ist khrteic )III

Saetg VI )(4: atstrs ta 14 /yo

  • First mig:enia eTh I ni VI terpseersn hte ,thigh adn the V ni VI ookls ilke het mosn usbip tewneeb rouy lges:
    :N IANMGE ouy have ahir in onms uisbp )(V btu uoy evah a rreodb dengnaiit hte ihra rfom gornwig oint
  • heT V is yiop,tn sa in onw eth srestab aer tponiy sied(ra rleoaa ro dnuom on )donum

atgSe V (:5) 15 /oy

  • V hsa no roesbdr taigndien hira from gnogiwr toni stgihh (ipcub rahi + ghiht )arhi
  • 5 snsa(rigfe ni dshan) itfantengl the laaesro ewhn nagbbgri tehm ao(elra tftnlea at thsi sgaet dan no omre noumd" on o)u"dmn

meningitis  Sorry about the format, it came out wrong but I hope his helps. +1  
drdoom  looks good to me! +15  
gh889  According to FA2019, stage 2 ends at 11, stage 3 starts 11.5-13, and stage 4 starts at 13-15, where did you get your info from? +  
meningitis  You can change it to ENDS at 11, ENDS at 13, ENDS at 14... I simply have it as a range just like you stated in a couple of them. The importance is in how the kid presents because he/she will have some things mature but others not, the age will vary in questions. +  
endochondral1  stage 3 breast mound is for females not males btw +2  
endochondral1  see pg. 635 in FA it just pubertal. Idk if that correlates to the same stage as females +  
angelaq11  this is just too funny, I LOVE it! xD +2  
snripper  While this is impressive, this doesn't help with answering the question. +1  
yng  Pseudogynecomastia (False gynecomastia): this has nothing to do with puberty or hormones. Simple d/t the fast some guys have extra fat in chest area, making it look like they have breasts. The boy weight at 60 percentile while height at 50 percentile. +  

submitted by niboonsh(336),
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aexletnr ticodar acrbhn sueiplps teh ipuoresr adoriahptry adlngs sa ..l...w?...le

yng  Yes the superior part supplied by superior thyroid gland which is a branch of external carotid branch. +  
llamastep1  No they do not, parathyroids are supplied by the inferior thyroid arteries. +11  
suckitnbme  Superior thyroid artery does supply some blood to the parathyroids through anastomoses but the main vascular supply is from the inferior thyroid artery. +  

submitted by krewfoo99(88),
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nyAneo onkw hyw haert osdsnu duowl be dstatin ni PDCO exrioc?ntabea

yng  Patient is usually obese (blue bloater) --> diaphragm movement is limited --> can't take deep breaths, and in extreme cases, the chest size increased and causing distant heart sound. +1