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Welcome to zpatel’s page.
Contributor score: 19

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 +2  (nbme21#11)
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echkc ihst uto

smpate  Nice find, thanks! +

 +0  (nbme22#44)
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nCa noayen tlle teh ceefft of pianris no a doolb alb luvae e(i. PbFin,TrTTiP, ctr?opu)d

paperbackwriter  Aspirin only increases platelet aggregation (blocks COX1/2 --> decreased production of Thromboxane A2 --> decreased aggregation). That's why it only increases bleeding time and has no effect on PT, PTT, and fibrin products. PT and PTT are only affected if something messes the coagulation cascade. +

 +0  (nbme23#32)
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lla eth orseth a ctpniemvioeton cines hyte vhae t(iiecepcsfsifipyicc igdnsl)a, MAND is eth nloy eceeteievl(onnncsh itiepvotmec oep)tcerr, ash a dingla tesi nda ca , an adn .menehg..c tpcvemioiet

hello  the question says competitive interactions, i think this is different from competitive binding. +

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zpatel  it inhibits Carnitine acyltransferase-1 in beta-oxidation. +4  
melchior  FA 2020 pg 89 +  

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The fceefts of sesecx ydrohti :nmhoero taeetpmdt oeotryampnsc THS rpseuspnsoi, ianerces ni tbho 4T adn free ,4T nad ralnom .BGT oeNt thta eht onqtiesu t’denos eevn ghein on TBG dna is slao lnlkyieu to on eht lare thn.ig

d_holles  When do we care about TBG? +  
zpatel  @d_holles in pregnancy. +  

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lEeiclctar ansntaler on dasbro mnase a big iaidaerrcpl iuefnosf a(nd lsyuaul ardccai andeaptmo pli.hy)oosgy ehT tahre aocntn lilf po,rpleyr eodlarp srasdcee,e hoeyonitnsp dna cyahcitdraa e,esnu ldfui cupkab sdeal ot vteeldea .JVP lyengrndiU eooygtil in ihts panetti si earln ur.elifa

zpatel  Cardiac temponade. +  
melchior  Hypotension and jugular venous distension are two components of Beck's triad, which is associated with acute cardiac tamponade. The third component is muffled heart sounds, which is not addressed in this question. +1  

submitted by haliburton(192),
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eehtr rea two ialteessn afytt ds:ica leiionlc = aomge 6, dna nllaihecao-pil = mgaoe 3.

lizard  Found in fish oils and are shown to lower triglyceride levels. +2  
zpatel  alpha-Linolenic ==> omaga 3 +5  

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ehT ulces rfo ohnotliriamactli rewe het eadht fo her rhmrdatgnoe unsleddy, cnise oatoirtciahmnill si otefn rdcenesuidss-t. I salo earwrond it nwod by it agiyns hte arih wsa ni eetfridfn worgth gtesas ni het aycpth rs,aae wchih kamse esens if e’hss gkuinpcl mteh uot at ferinfdet ites.m

Tonegel vufuimlef si smto ommcon ni edamid-dgel mnwoe, so seh tdn’eos tif eth rfoipel (ubt yoe’ru trhgi obuta ti ebgni edaucs by .)tserss

zpatel  What about telogen effluvium? psychological stress-related hair loss. +  
elephantbuddy  Just to add on, telogen effluvium is usually due to physical stressors such as surgery, pregnancy, serious illnesses, or severe/life-threatening psychological stress. So although this patient is going through psychological stress, it's not exactly life-threatening enough to result in hair loss unless personally inflicted. I think the question stem also kind of hints at trichotillomania with her doing more things to her hair. But this article is pretty useful in distinguishing between different causes of hair loss: +  

submitted by nwinkelmann(257),
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'eserH a ETRAG idveo inigxaenlp oudtrlunsa sngfndii of .ncraeygpn 7@59: si a arteg rtuicep os fra ihtw aesbll fo hte okly sca, estlagintoa ,acks fetal pe,ol dan inanom. One hgint eht eornsp nipglineax sdia ahtt I hthtgou lwduo be oodg to peke in ndim si hatt eth loky cas okols leki a eioerch iidens het ltstnoaiega sa.c oAsl, hits eits hsa a ncubh of teurcpsi as :llwe :iaol/sah-riirtr.ftlp=/o/tga?mcnsredsegtresaaeutrisi/dtp.

zpatel  what video? +7  
usmlecharserssss  porn video how they make this embryo and yolk sac +1  
samsam3711  Shorter video that explains this pretty well: +3  
focus  @samsam3711 that video is BOMB. Thank you!!! +  

submitted by welpdedelp(198),
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23/ 1/25 /14

He has a 23/ nahcce of bgine uzteooysrehg (otn 4/2 cb/ ew ownk he orf seru 'tsnedo ahev FC)

2/51 cheanc ni hte opnltipuoa

41/ achnce fo a guzyeoeshrot euclop avhing a cidlh iwht CF

welpdedelp  ok, so it messed up the formatting 0.66667 x 1/25 x 0.25 +  
nwinkelmann  ugh... I ALWAYS forget about changing the carrier status to 2/3. Chance of affected individual = chance of father passing allele * chance of mother passing allele = 2/31/21/25*1/2 = 2/300 = 1/150. +1  
zpatel  2/3(chance of heterozygous) * 1/25(meet carrier) * 1/2(chance of male to transfer affected gen) * 1/2(female to transfer affected gen) = 1/150 +1