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NBME 21 Answers

nbme21/Block 4/Question#41 (16.5 difficulty score)
A 66-year-old man with stage IV colon cancer ...

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submitted by hungrybox(1044),
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emapoiredL: gntAosi at ipoudoi- rtsceeopr. lSsow utg titlomyi m(emre,erb aitpnsootcin si a oommcn dsie cetffe rof lal od)ip.iso

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:Q Wloud a nkijeu atwn ot sue odeapeLm?ir

A: o,N ti hsa poro SCN apoeneitntr c(hwih is yhw it ahs a low ddviatiec t.oieap)nlt

Q: odluW a knijeu rheart ehva poheirmn or benrpphire?uon

A: Boht ear ioudoi-p tis,gonas btu rinmheop si a lful iaostng hielw hrruipopenneb is yonl a arplait .aognsti

:Q hWat otbau irnehpom sv. dneeico?

A: icrkT ,uiqsonte obth rea ptilara ti.snsoag

cienfuegos  Thanks for passing off the knowledge. Regarding the last part, aren't morphine and codeine full agonists? +5  
champagnesupernova3  Yes they are +2  

submitted by peridot(69),


Do not read ahead if you have not taken NBME 22!!!

I'm smh at this question because in NBME 22, they describe a scenario in which loperamide caused CNS effects - particularly ventilatory depression and we were supposed to know that it was loperamide. I guess this question specified "little to no" rather than "none at all" but come ON, I'm annoyed that we have to separate such nitpicky detail when one question emphasizes its lack of CNS effects, then they turn around and test us on an exception of this exact same content. /end rant

This was not very informative at all, I just wanted to consolidate a similar question that I knew I had just seen but it turned into me just being angry I'm sorry.

submitted by divya(59),
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lpaemrdieo is ilalcbysa tpneodlxyihae + in.eraotp penotair si dddea to rdueec seabu ieptanlto by e.loxyediatnhp

divya  ugh sorry. this is wrong. idk why i always thought loperamide is diphhenoxylate +3