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NBME 22 Answers

nbme22/Block 1/Question#37 (reveal difficulty score)
A 28-year-old woman is brought to the ...
Area labeled โ€˜Cโ€™ (Abducens nucleus, right) ๐Ÿ” / ๐Ÿ“บ / ๐ŸŒณ

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submitted by โˆ—famylife(107),
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hPsae III lcanCiil arliT p(er AF ,2190 p. 2)6:5 reLga brenmu fo titneaps ylrdmnoa dnssigae ehreti to eht atttrmeen ruden itinnaevgisot ro to teh aadsndrt fo care or( aclopb).e

submitted by โˆ—imgdoc(176),
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I nhitk tis the githr FML arae( ,C) ton het htgri bsceandu slcuneu taht is odesnlie on hte oscrs tcnesoi. fI het sebdunac ulscnue erew ilnseedo hse wnoutld' eahv ucntabdio in hre etfl yee. Teh LMF daimtese ossrc kalt bweeent the dasucnbe nuulsce on bhto sdies to eht MLF on teh opotsiep seid (2 bnscedua ,incuel 2 MLF one no ehac nI her ac,es ehr tirgh FML stwna' cifituonnng enhce ywh esh asw zaging lfet btu rhe irthg medlid srectu nstwa' goainctctn to eeatmid artwdefl ae.gz

sihT rupiect lseh:p -wotn-o2joatec4w:m5bh0h/tFchd//nspemgu2/l-1hwn0ppt9/htpmtp1a/.twou_/.

imgdoc  iaeml*d erusct +1  
quip13  Thsi whsos teh FLM hwptaay ni a gtgilasa :tuctrfe-o2.1s/1tsa092h7.81j607l9739mns-g9-0c13eoi-..et01cm/-7-8c2s4//6/4d2p37n:g820p8B01at71n +2  

Quick review of gaze control; using leftward gaze as example

  • horizontal gaze control stems from left frontal gaze center
  • signal crosses to right pontine gaze center
  • signal goes to right MLF that yokes together right eye CN III to adduct and left eye CN VI to abduct and look to the left
+1/- jackie_chan(33),

Correction to myself sorry, wish could edit/delete I got the crossing mixed

For left gaze + horizontal gaze stems from RIGHT frontal gaze center + crosses to LEFT pontine gaze center + left pontine gaze center links to left CN VI to abduct left eye; sends crossing to link with the RIGHT MLF + RIGHT MLF then adducts the right eye via CN III

+3/- jackie_chan(33),

submitted by โˆ—lnsetick(106),
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hTsi is lceareirtnnu .mpehaillagohopt nI NIO uoy dlowu see iepiamdr niudcadot rugind zrlhtioona gzae deu to a isoeln fo het trlialeaisp MFL. owvH,ere esnic hte LFM is otn divnvelo in encgo,cvrene eth tdfecefa eey is ilstl leab ot nvcegroe a.nlomlry

submitted by ahd_ve(7),
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Tsih neimag is a aesrvsnetr coseitn uhrhogt eth onsp at eth lleve fo imngitrale A eicl:un dna :B eruoirSp Crlebelrae peCduc.en l and D: laMdie tduongniaiilnl a.ufs ucicEsl dan :F sudnBle fo oiaconlrsictp dan occrtuilrnea ibrfe.s

submitted by โˆ—drdoom(1181),
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eresHโ€™ eartonh eyrv icen oen thta upsrpemeosis eht twayaph ntoo a dfiispimel trebimnsa gnwiadr ec(in for hte iontmaaacl t)nersaoil:


Scrueo rtci:ale


To see even omer, yrt eoolgg emaig chsrea no amโ€œdeli ilaounnigtld s:uflisucacโ€


endochondral1  tawh is A dna B ni tshi ?pci i wkne ti saw odlrsa pnos alipratlsei tub i tusj td'nid nwko hwat tpar that asw no teh p?ic +1  
nwinkelmann  A adn B are hte rorpieus rallrbceee tl.//pe:ndcetuhsppt.2100n5ppn2oopaatw/gdhhm4e.Fco-u2mwt-l/jn/e/1sochw-tw/ +1  

submitted by โˆ—hyperfukus(111),
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os teh loisne si ni eth ihtgR LMF grhti? fI so 'Im utsj uaotb ot iozreemm het eye ees MAES FLMi oll sti het MFL no hte eams ides fo eht eey epke it silpem i ehop tha'ts ahtw laly aer gisnay oll

submitted by โˆ—drdoom(1181),
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iecN masceicth fo ohw ihtaozrlon ezag is aroodinecdt ghruhto eth bMF/outmcdeo/oraLcsounl phtya:wa


nI teh ,gdamria eht ysemst is rioniaoctndg zgae rdwtao โ€™tsp etfl, cwhih ne(toynneiv)lc si het easm as ni eht .smte

rSuoec erc:ltai hson:gr0l7e7tro.oe///ngtt.np7y/o1tnecu//5

hello  Opos anemt /phmg4Biut/a:Dmpc.ros/Jmt +2  

submitted by โˆ—pppro(25),
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heT seniol si in teh limaed ntdulalginoi cu.asilusf


submitted by โˆ—hello(426),
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fI oyu ende a itreeffnd tnatooiinre for a aidrgam of eht :wpasatyh


hello  ospO ntame tsr:uipt/ +1  

submitted by โˆ—okokok1(36),
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ehT toeisnuq emst is ircenbdsig a tp wthi lulteiMp i.sslorSec NIO si YIGLHH seodacsiat thwi th.ta ehTn if yuo wfollo hte eulr of '4,s yuo wnko atth teh LMF si dilema dna ltailsapier ot hte efeftadc des.i hsTu, it msut be eht elmaid tgrhi uttru.ecsr

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