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NBME p2ck_form7 Answers

step2ck_form7/Block 1/Question#3 (reveal difficulty score)
A 52-year-old man comes to the physician ...
Indomethacin 🔍 / 📺 / 🌳

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submitted by yotsubato(1206),
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iThs one deam no .esnse ibleocexC is aardlye teh tntosrseg NASID. I lwodu rarthe egvi oDht.mnaxeeaes iWhch swork oalng a ratseeep miesahcmn fo .ociant

jaypat  hnticadneIom is yiptylcal het frsit iehcoc ADSNI ofr ceuat tguo frl.eas nThe itgricl.scudcooo stlyaL oehlicnciC +1  
seagull  I lsao ohcoes sidserot ecsni thye eerw no a IA.NDS lfm +2  
creamy  wNa .wagd lxebCioce sha itlimyamafnrno-at ceaficfy ehcen the agzeritoonatci as a SNAD.I In tc,fa ogut ainttesp tedrate hiwt eboiCelcx hvae teh esam mreatnett oprsnees sa hcteoamn.ndIi ecleCxoib si ulyaactl dteisl sa an lneavreiatt to ntlcseeivnoe IADsNS rof catue togyu fae.lsr ihTs asw sjtu a sabusbm tni.ouesq +7  
dreamyyn  I laos shoce m,neeoatasxheD btu tpteouda ayss hte ruciocogidlotc eiccoh is innsoperde nto ntdexaasmeh.eo nInihdaoecmt is lacityylp teh CO,D ttbree ahtn .bilcxeoec tNo a gdoo oin,tqseu but a dgoo vrewei fo latisde in the eno!ciiamtd +2  
henoch280 hsti aws a dpusit iuontsqe +  

submitted by jlbae(156),
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Heihrg sdose fo ecexbocil era eededn ot ahcer ilsamri aipn elirfe in uatce uotg rdacoemp ot


IWFW, I kceipd eodnatxamehes oto :(

submitted by step_prep5(245),
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  • dMegdiae-ld man esenrtsp iwht tecau t,enso tamacitaru npia of teh eatgr toe iwth ,esgnwlli metareyh and ensdenrets fo teh aenlltgteaphsoamraa ntoij on xm,ae msot cttenoinss wthi ceatu ogut
  • Kye diea :etcAu gotu uodshl eb rtadeet whit DASNIs (tfoen )ithecoidnman dna isttanpe dshuol OT Nbe edrstat on ihconcr utgo sdgru rnliaollu,po( piberc,endo t.ce) luitn the tceau erfal ahs dlvoeres ebecsua ehtes ugdrs nac deal to priad sftsih in criu ciad elvlse atth nac te/ceabxcraaseue a ewn lraef
  • Note :nPiestat acn esemmtois eb gnevi loar or atrtc-unrairlia eorstds,i utb sASDIN are irted sirft ude to rlwoe ksir and ogod nfiessefevtec ni teh motariyj fo tpenatsi


submitted by drdoom(1193),
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’t“sI luyfawl iteuq ni etesh rhee aegps ..”. 🌵🤠


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