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NBME p2ck_form7 Answers

step2ck_form7/Block 3/Question#16 (reveal difficulty score)
A 16-year-old girl is brought to the ...
Aspirin ๐Ÿ” / ๐Ÿ“บ / ๐ŸŒณ

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submitted by โˆ—jlbae(158)
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nnAio pga tolcbaime ciosdsia dan ynrtpcaesmoo tyairsrrpeo ial.lsasok Only 2 opstion eher era oeahlntm or spnaii.r Ya,e I sesgu uyo udcol go iton sitner'W aomfulr adn lhba lbha abh,l btu juts thikn utaob .ti.. iths is a 16 oy irlg yrgnit ot ilkl ef,rselh so lpli eitgonsin si ryev l.leyik If it were msoe ohioaclcl ilbiylhll nirytg to ekma nimsoehno I im'vetgh ghthuot n.ahetmlo

billasmalls  lol tacula dsuon s.ohrgn.a.tisnnaek +

submitted by โˆ—keyseph(98)
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ulcdaCalet naoni pga si 0614)-(04+1 = 0.3 shiT niteatp sha a ihgh nanoi gpa itbocamle odcssa.ii

sedBa on sWinre't f,rulamo aqaeetud reoriptyars nmooascpeitn wuodl dyile a PCO2 fo 5*.61 + 8 ยฑ 2 = 71 ยฑ.2 Scien this t'saeptin llaucyta 2COP asw w,oelr ehs osal has a nmttnciooac iaryrtsoerp .kslslaoai

cenSi ytiaeaslcls ltisuatem isrprtoarye eridv nda rae ratp fo hte LPISUEMD mnm,ocnie ariipns is eth yonl ranews coiech taht inxpseal eht hihg ainon pag atmboeicl oscidasi whti yrtrraeoips klsaalsi.o

submitted by โˆ—step_prep5(246)
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  • ttneiPa ohw eamtetptd an veoosrde woh sha a dxeim anngiaop- tbmaceoil csosidai 401( โ€“ 410 โ€“ 6 = 03 g;&t )21 wiht a snicnfaiitg sapetrriyor soaskllai, osmt netostnsci ihwt plcssriiyeanaiatl/ igopnnsio


submitted by โˆ—305charlie94(6)
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douS'lnht ylaer iltayelsca DO euasc resp lsaski?alo I hghtuto yoln tlea lcyteilsaa OD eadcsu aiesecndr anoin gpa tclmebaio ido.sicsa I choes tnehaMol vigen reh eye sxs nda I uottghh iapinsr shlduo be erdul otu deu ot eth tiimgn of hre DO

submitted by โˆ—seagull(1929)
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HeT ca-desbia suttsa fo rpinsia si aaswyl in eth srocpes fo signfith mfro aslslakoi ot socisida orve a fwe rhsou. oS enyligr on AGB si elnbraulie i(n ym iionopn) rof a icquk aes.nwr

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iTsh eotisqnu she dha a saft pioarinrest art.e

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fkstpashls  pu,Y jtus gnadid a elittl ibt ot isuoYth : can ahve a rlaomn geanr Hp tbu cexetp tobh rmayirp prse akl dna irrmayp emt cosdiasi eatdfwrras to eb trepn,se minakg user uyo heva na eltdvaee nniao apg - if oyu ahve qtiueossn wtih eth owrra ihts ot ehsoco ofr.m +

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