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NBME p2ck_form6 Answers

step2ck_form6/Block 2/Question#3 (reveal difficulty score)
A 21-year-old college student comes to the ...
Topical retinoic acid πŸ” / πŸ“Ί / 🌳

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submitted by βˆ—medicalmike(77),
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rlsi-tFeni eemtanrtt of nya dilm cean si tlicpao oirsdinet nad beynolz e.reoipxd

submitted by βˆ—jda2674(2),
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So r'wee ntxgpieec a ciolatp eitoicnr iacd ot alrce reh utcea eanc whtnii 3 wees?k o'tnd oclpait estoridin ceasu pnrggui ?fenot

submitted by βˆ—jlbae(105),
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I wsa a eiltlt htsianet ot ikcp nideoitsr uasebce she dluow ende a gnycpenra estt nda olshdu eb no epetcinsactorv rfebeo titngainii it td(/ taritenoecg etefsf)c

ienSc esh si angitndet a edwigdn ni 3 kesew adn is rdceenonc wthi her ,olsko I spestuc htta esh ihtmg gnkloio to yapl yubr eth gasaues ro vahertwe eth ikds clal ti yso.dnwaa

veryreebs  you don't need a pregnancy test or to be on OCPs for topical retinoids. accutane or isotretinoin needs a pregnancy test/OCPs and is taken orally +3  
jlbae  Oh damn didn't realize it was topical! Nice catch!! +  

submitted by βˆ—step_prep7(20),
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  • Acen ntettmera ni oerdr fo irnigcasen ceyyerotnsve/:itp poclTia dortnesii /-+ ozybnel ioxrdeep ;gtβ€”& Tcoilpa tsticoibnia t&β€”;g aOrl attiincoibs &tgβ€”; Olar intnotsiiroe
  • oN ogdo vndeeice atht tegirrstnic imkl ptocdurs ro sagur esecurd cnea

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