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NBME Step 2 CK Free 120 Answers

step2ck_free120/Block 3/Question#120 (reveal difficulty score)
A 47-year-old woman comes to the office ...
S1 radiculopathy ๐Ÿ” / ๐Ÿ“บ / ๐ŸŒณ / ๐Ÿ“–
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submitted by โˆ—mmizell(26)
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oS I saw teewebn L4 nad S1 daairctsoupielh on isht eno and tdnoc'lu brremmee eht slmrt/enyeorf/xosoer oelsss thta eteddineraftfi the t.ow H'erse a mrsayum incdnug(il L5 for pnescems)etlo

4L oRuapl:hcdyati

  • rsyoens :lsos alisdt reatlla tghhi veor aetapll ot lamide fcla
  • troom :slos eekn nntsexoei, siialitb niretaor f(too inl)ooedsrxfi โ†’ cidlyuftfi heel lnwiakg
  • lxerfe :sosl taalrlep exflre

L5 pRa:lcuidyhtoa

  • osesryn :ssol altaDoreorls ,hgthi ltaarle ieds of het ,ekne ltaaelternora rloew e,lg rduosm of fo,to igb eot
  • omotr ols:s Entxeosr llsicuah gsouln lmuces (isfrt ote x)oridefnisol โ†’ duiltcyffi lhee iwlngak too(f orpd)

S1 ipahyRctudaol:

  • eorsysn :sslo Llartea ootf
  • tmoro s:los euPsrneo nosgul adn esrvbi mculse (tfoo ee)osivnr dan augmirenscsot emuscl ftoo( nlo)retplfaixan โ†’ ciuldyffit ote nkalwgi
  • xefrle l:sso hAciesll


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submitted by โˆ—bwdc(697)
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aciaiStc. (onsCtemm umts eb eewnbet 04 nad 9,512 h)rtesca!acr

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mmizell  She had decreased DTR in the achilles reflex of the affected limb and decreased sensation to light tough over the lateral and inferior aspect of the foot --> S1 radiculopathy. She has sciatica, but the sciatic nerve encompasses roots from L4-S3, so that doesn't really help narrow down the answer.,single%20nerve%20in%20the%20body. +
nbmehelp  what is the point of even commenting "sciatica" without further elaborating? how is that helpful? +

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