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masonkingcobra  The pathogenesis of post-transplant lymphoproliferative disorders (PTLD) in most patients relates to the outgrowth of Epstein-Barr virus (EBV)-positive B cell proliferations in the setting of chronic T cell immunosuppression.

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FA2019 page 47: I-cell disease (inclusion cell disease/mucolipidosis type II)—inherited lysosomal storage disorder; defect in N-acetylglucosaminyl-1-phosphotransferase → failure of the Golgi to phosphorylate mannose residues (forming mannose-6-phosphate) on glycoproteins → proteins are secreted extracellularly rather than delivered to lysosomes. Results in coarse facial features, gingival hyperplasia, clouded corneas, restricted joint movements, claw hand deformities, kyphoscoliosis, and high plasma levels of lysosomal enzymes. Often fatal in childhood.

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Actinic purpura results from extravasation of blood into the dermis. This phenomenon is due to the skin atrophy and the fragility of the blood vessels in elderly individuals, which is exacerbated by chronic sun exposure. Actinic purpura lesions are located on sun-exposed areas, like the arms, face, and neck.

Skin atrophy in dermatoporosis is due to an alteration of collagen, similar to that which is seen in osteoporosis. This pronounced skin atrophy caused by the photo-aging makes the dermal vascular network very sensitive to the slightest trauma or shearing force.

md_caffeiner  Google actinic purpura, look through 5-10 images, and you get the idea.

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WHY she has a huge ass liver too? I don't understand how you can choose big spleen over big liver or visa versa

dickass  I like big spleens and I can not lie~

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