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NBME 15 Answers

nbme15/Block 2/Question#14 (reveal difficulty score)
A 25-year-old woman with a history of ...
Streptococcus mitis๐Ÿ”,๐Ÿ“บ

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submitted by ergogenic22(360),
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submitted by trazobone(64),
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Srept rasVdini is orla orfla scuase csubaute ednircdtsioa fcgafinet voiyrelups egmdaad vve,sla nda is onfet edoacsiast whit slaueeeq fo tlnaed erocrdep.u

A) ncEtcoioerc anc also esuac cuastbue danerotdisic utb yhte era mgama ceohtmlyi and loolwf G/GUI crperdeuo B) abte oehslysmi aecsus eucat btea oeihymsls dna i ogt too aylz to csrmluenab the tser i tnod khint ti eenv dedaesssr my toeinsuq

trazobone  Strep mitis is part of the viridans group of streptococci, most commonly found in throat, nasopharynx, mouth. Gram + facultative anaerobe, catalase (-) and alpha hemolytic +2  
whk123  Also, the image gives a clue (also present in FA strep pneumo section) that it belongs to strep family, strep pneumo ruled out because it is beta-hemolytic so strep mitis is left which eventually is alpha-hemolytic +1  
trazobone  Wait no strep pneumo is also alpha hemolytic. I think you meant to type staph aureus +  
whk123  OMG, where the heck my one line went- EDIT: strep pneumo ruled out because it is not associated with heart issues and dental procedure thing present in the scenario, staph aureus ruled out because it is beta-hemolytic so... Thanks trazobone for bringing this to attention +1  

Strep mutans (of Strep Viridans group) causes dental caries "cavities"

+/- dentist(68),