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NBME 17 Answers

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passplease  what organs are considered "central"? I initially thought that the kidneys would not be getting more blood with most of the blood flow going to the lungs and heart +1  
brise  Same :( +  
drdoom  the kidneys are the lungs for waste products that can't be expelled via your breathe. (another way of saying this is: the lungs are like the kidneys of your mouth: instead of urinating out of your mouth, you "pee out" CO2 in the form of expired air.) tl;dr the kidneys are very vital organs!! +2  
mkayman  my dumbass was like alright you pee in cold water so that means central blood volume is up since you're filtering more blood in the kidneys, ADH is down because you wanna pee and ANP is up because you wanna pee... worked out okay +1  

submitted by itsgoingtibiaokay(1),

The increased peripheral vasoconstriction due to the body's attempt at heat conservation causes more blood to be shunted to central organs. The more blood that ends up in your central organs (heart, brain, other viscera) causes distention of the the central blood vessels, mainly the heart (remember the heart is actually just one giant blood vessel). When the heart experiences an increase in volume it secretes ANP and BNP, which promote natriuresis by dilating the afferent arteriole. The resulting loss of sodium decreases serum osmolarity and your body compensates by decreasing ADH. This is why you tend to pee in a cold pool.

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