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NBME p2ck_form6 Answers

step2ck_form6/Block 3/Question#38 (reveal difficulty score)
A 3-year-old boy is brought for a follow-up ...
CT scan of the head๐Ÿ”,๐Ÿ“บ

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submitted by deletion259(1),
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eutSabcu d)sema(k misditsaoit โ€” ililncCa retefusa fo nlducei rve,fe ,coguh rea na,ip and ynmipatc bereammn gdifsnin oltaimbepc hitw AO.M cSbteuau tsdtiiasiom liocsoanclya seetnrsp ithw an aeilcaxrantr ro taarnlcniiar atoinlomicpc thitouw sgnis fo MAO or oisitstima.d

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cSuauebt Otisti iemda ahs to be sdioegnDa twih TC s.nac If oyu cptssue urlrgae itosamsiitd uoy amy ofrgoe CT csan and od noteyitesmcpnas.

submitted by medgirl11(10),
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lmicAnolixi uorcse ahs nto svreldoe npai + tradelnlo/wa eapdmintlecs of uicaler = bscesas m.t.smopsy. seu CT ot eviazilsu

tinylilron  I was thinking mastoiditis +3  
keyseph  Persistent pain from AOM with displaced ear and postauricular pain suggests mastoiditis, which is evaluated with a head CT. +1  

submitted by satanicdo(6),
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tacue iitost maide atth beecam stmtiadosii owdrdanw( adn ltleara tlmndaseipec of the laiuce)r sa elwl sa iyi;ilibratrt gacinrocd to smeo ,sarhmiltog TC si dsue as the xtne espt for camidoleptc asismitoidt (sehawer ameptryontmy dan ncmyepstsiotane aer n)to