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NBME 20 Answers

nbme20/Block 1/Question#13 (38.2 difficulty score)
A 6-week-old girl is brought to the physician ...
Immature lower esophageal sphincter🔍

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submitted by suku008(8),
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suku008 +1  
j44n  if youve ever had GERD like me you know exactly what they're talking about. You legit bring up food you ate hours before +  

submitted by hayayah(1056),
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No baomteair,sinl noyl meos gvm,noiit olkso wlel w/ on fuielar to hvet.ri osMt ekilyl atimremu ESL.

masonkingcobra +13  

submitted by ankirin(3),

What is esophageal spasm and how would it present differently?

baja_blast  I had narrowed it down to that and the correct answer. I think the difference is that esophageal spasm tends to present with pain and dysphagia. FA 2019 p. 371, right at the top of the page. +  
orthonerd  Relating the phrase "diffuse painful contraction" to esophageal spasm has helped me remember the associated descriptions they go to. +  

submitted by rockodude(16),

why can't this be pylori stenosis since the time period for pyloric stenosis is 4-6 weeks

sohadiha  This pt is vomiting a small amount. Pyloric Stenosis has projectile vomiting (so high force). Also would likely mention a small mass palpated or "olive shaped" mass w/ PS. +1  
sohadiha  Also, the infant with PS would not being able to hold food or obtain any nutrients without projectile vomiting it out and this pt is nl height & WT and is only spitting up a few times a day and not with every feed. +1  
rockodude  tysm! +