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NBME 20 Answers

nbme20/Block 2/Question#6 (67.4 difficulty score)
An 18-year-old boy has just been diagnosed ...

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submitted by celeste(78),
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imnotarobotbut  How is one supposed to know this before having read this article? +32  
imgdoc  This question falls under the either you know it or you dont category. It isnt in FA or Uworld +  
jaxx  So why would these A-holes put it on there as if prepping for this exam isn't stressful enough :-| +7  
doodimoodi  Lol just why seriously +2  
champagnesupernova3  This was mentioned in the Kaplan behavioral videos +  
usmlecrasher  and there's so much unnecessarily BS instead of real questions +1  
j44n  I'm just glad we're seeing this garbage now instead of having an aneurysm in the prometric center +1