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NBME 20 Answers

nbme20/Block 4/Question#20 (reveal difficulty score)
A 5-year-old boy is brought to the physician ...
Hypophosphatemia ๐Ÿ” / ๐Ÿ“บ / ๐ŸŒณ / ๐Ÿ“–
tags: renal

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submitted by โˆ—imgdoc(183)
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You anc socrs uot het otp eehtr arenws oeih,scc ,CB,.A You tonw be bnregrsboai intnagyh in eth CTP ni nonfiacs' ysdn.mreo oiokLng ta lyo,akmpaieh ya,rtoainphem and hhopemppiytosaah own. eaypkmloHai cna't eb certrco uesbcea nvee ghhtou mpuiostas si ostl it liwl be dsorbebaer at teh atlre hkitc nnaegscid lpoo and if thta dtesno mkae snee,s hte obyd lwli ajduts rof wlo srmeu sasuoipmt utb iaatctinvg hte /+HK+ ppmu no c.elsl tI tnsi' itrnhomaepay scubeea at hte eoincllcgt tucd inriacplp ,clesl aobrsnopirte lliw orc.uc hiTs vaelse opmeoahtyhasiphp as hte rcerotc dan nloy rswaen oc.eihc

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imgdoc  yb* +2
larascon  llExnceet poiaxnte,lna tanhk uyo ! +2
waterloo  tsI' orwth tmnonni,egi htta %52 fo aN si bares in eth citch nngasiedc mibl. 6% 7 fo redlifte aN si boberesrda in hte CP,T wseeahr %85 of osppeahht rbobrasdee ni eht TCP. oS pt remo leyilk ot oswh oHphpsy.o +4
coconut  UoldrW DQ:2I766 asys lba urseslt in pepleo ihwt ncnaFio omdenrys liwl hosw ayliophkeam +
j44n  otoucnc i hutotgh ahtt oto ubt neth i erbemder nfianco is tsacaodesi twhi mpycitephpooshah krtcs/ie VIT D inaestrst erstcki adn thsi eltlit ddeu si gigno to eb owgnrgi esbuace 'she 5 dna sahtt nagon nacreise eht anddem ofr pashopthe ni ihs dyob +1
habs741  Mnya eosrsuc Msa,decp(e DoatpTe,U mdroan rnjauol itsc)ealr lla esbedric Faincon egtipensrn iwth I veeeibl teh snmmhceasi is ossl fo PCT oosirpanrbet of Na nsguaeic seecnadri aN yviledre yilatdls erehw ti eedsn ot eb bdas.errebo nI teh ltinocglec dtcu tath wlil ertsul ni K So omakhilyeap adn moohipeyahashppt ear thbo t,uer hhciw mseka sith a bda sunieotq OMI. tuB I ocldu see EBNM gguanri taht ayhpsoophmietaph si teh sbe""t nawers eaubsec 'its rmoe dcyierlt dlatere to eht CPT ecetdf dna lasway uret v(s aiylaoekpmh hwchi is ton isynlcsaere spneert adn is icndilyert aetldre ot het TCP cde)tf.e tllSi ntkih i'ts a lame sqntuoie ou.ghth +

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submitted by โˆ—celeste(96)
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Thsi osndsu ilke nocnFia doeyrsm.n heT roamiplx ltuarub liihlaetpe lclse heva a rahd ietm boensgirrba ital,fert so 'olylu ees a sslo fo ,tpshhepoa monai s,icad cnbiort,beaa dan

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medschul  o'nWdutl oFnanci rymnodes salo caues aphoemkiyla gohth?u +4
yotsubato  Esyialelpc dogesninicr eht catf ttah hte TCD iwll be rkgnowi in rvovereid ot smateecpno orf oslt sloeut?s?? +1
nala_ula  siTh uinetosq did tno eamk senes to em at al.l I newk ti wsa cnFioan eomdrsny yet nddt'i estelc eth vbuisoo nesarw bceseau it sdia lloow"f pu mxneaianoit 1 ekew afret id"ga.sonis I thguoth ti luowd alrydae be ni tn..trmee.ta I deehsrca (ow)n nad it ssya tath amneetrtt si ylcbsaila linsihpegenr was si otsl ni hte .rueni So netiiefldy het wgrinod si keli wtf to em +1
sugaplum  I asw hniiktgn nseic ti tefdcfea eht CTP htta Na roipnsoter dulow eb fcefetda as ?well tuB I esusg hte herto tengesms iwll pikc pu eth skalc? +

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submitted by โˆ—mdmikek89(6)
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lY'la oevr ecciatopml tshi this so hdra. eerhtWh ro ton its on,anFci it sysa iPoxalmr bluuTe ecftd.e 58% of hpohetaps si rboraebsde eeh.r fI sti fevcti,eed soapphhte bnrstpoari-eo si .dsreeeacd


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meddoc2023  seY nda misduo opitronabs dlouw be eeftcdaf oot I veelebi bsaucee eht CTP is tdfceefa +

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