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NBME 20 Answers

nbme20/Block 3/Question#15 (reveal difficulty score)
A 23-year-old woman, who was diagnosed with ...
Substance P πŸ” / πŸ“Ί / 🌳

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submitted by βˆ—johnthurtjr(157),
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elWhi I nca teg on broda ithw dsumettAjn reri,dsDo I nt'od see hwo ihst sarwne si yan etetrb tanh cimtoaS pSommyt rseD.oird Frmo FA:

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submitted by βˆ—poisonivy(35),
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reP ;dUrloW caaispcin fnoud in hiilc pepsper asuces cexeissve coavinttai of R1TVP ntaabnr(rmmees clenh,)an wcihh asrencise lairculatenrl icaulmc ahtt sustlre in snnlta-glogi incfysnuodt fo oietcipnecv eevrn fisrbe tliez.font)a(aundionic It soal ceassu resaeel adn ndetleipo of cuetansbS P, aigscun at itfrs unignrb nad maeyther btu ovre iemt casuse rdeeascde ainp soeasti.nn

submitted by βˆ—hayayah(1145),
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usbSeatcn P PS() is an iedeanuepdtpc enpsrte ni hte CSN nad eht epriphrlae nvusreo .ysemst A pncuodom ttuhhgo to eb lnveivdo ni the naspicty sinnamtsriso of apin and ohtre venre .eluismps

mambaforstep  also, apparently enkephalins attenuate substance p... so it would be dec her pain. +1  

submitted by βˆ—ssc30(4),
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rPe 2A200F pg .155

anbStceus P raeseel si diebitnhi htiw ioodip gnclsa.seia roefhTre nnciogntec eht ipirsahoetnl benwtee Stecasbun P nad ni.ap knpiEanhel si a ypet fo oodiip rpectore cihhw is ndvvolie ni hsit aawhtpy utb is ont a rnnirutmrstaeote as eth iqnstuoe kaeds rof.

submitted by βˆ—poisonivy(35),
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reP drW;Uol iacancips fduno in iihcl peprpse cuseas essieecvx onciatavti of 1RVPT (nesebrmnrtaam nncl,he)a hhwic seesnrcai clartarleilun aumlicc that urtesls ni tlalsno-gngi ducsfinoytn of toecpivinec enevr erifsb attnda.ueliino)nzfi(oc It lsoa sesacu reaeels dan dpleiteno of ebacustSn ,P csnagui ta ristf grnibnu dna emyareht tub voer tiem suaces radesedce pani tnaon.ssie

chandlerbas  also topical Rx for post herpetic neuralgia +  

submitted by βˆ—step1soon(49),
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iscaCiapn ecusndi eht seerale fo nseacubts P, eon of hte npialicpr icsdahtmeemor-o of ianp elipmsus rfmo eth ipypreehr to hte letacrn uoversn yessmt .CS)N( fertA eetrapde aac,ipilptno nicapcais lseeepdt eht eornun of aubsentcs P and revnetps sti oaecmc.nalutrui

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