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NBME Answers

free120/Block 1/Question#35 (reveal difficulty score)
A 10-month-old boy is brought to the ...
Mediation of cell entry via a fusion protein ๐Ÿ” / ๐Ÿ“บ / ๐ŸŒณ

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submitted by โˆ—bwdc(688)
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aakb  I uogthht the usnfio eritpno prdcoeus attumluenldiec natig selcl. I thought VRS senter siung teh eiapihltel G ptrei?on rF sit dia tliyllrea sasy ll"A natnoic acsurfe F n(isof)u ,norptei hicwh arspuorsytaereisc eihaltilpe cslel ot uefs dan form mnutcalueeidtl lcsl.e" +1
mariame  RSV F si a aslcs I ufonsi irpento atht dieetsam foisun fo teh railv enermmab wtih a setlhlo-c ,mamenrbe a csseorp ttah pseso na oserwiteh nisbltenroamuu geeencrti ribarre to avril rty n.e48%y025l2e0s%ttSng:re2es-tsw%l/r%s/:0usitan6p2c0t#wc2e:0e1tV0ea9%000ra2at7%ni1oxc,Ft-.iv.7-rso/r0tii%%r22a=hecarw~Rr0m49ble/. +1

submitted by โˆ—azibird(276)
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How cna we finetadtrfeei RSV mrfo teh omomnc ?odlc sI ti eht tbl,aaerli sfedfui weeezsh nad yoieaptxrr ornihch? Agnol hwit the etalcstnroi reoirsnt,tca gynfgiinsi isaiftinngc tyserorpria ropsbelm?

nbmeanswersownersucks  I wsa tiinylila gntihnik ti saw vihnrusiro oto ubt ni ttpeocerrs I nhtik teh zesehwe cet meak SRV omer ieyllk +3
kevin  ehT yke iregahdopcm orf SRV is tafnins (&,ol;y2t) so dbase no age oanle VRS is hawt eyrht'e gongi ofr m.oi +6
lpp06  ngsiS of areoypsirtr rsedsits = hlbiroiotiscn rveo hvnrruisio +2

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