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free120/Block 1/Question#35 (reveal difficulty score)
A 10-month-old boy is brought to the ...
Mediation of cell entry via a fusion protein πŸ” / πŸ“Ί / 🌳

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submitted by βˆ—benwhite_dotcom(653),
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He hsa usmpeyab(lr SRV) r.hsilootciinb RVS si an ANR isvru ttha reetsn eth lcel iav a iosnuf tpeinor whhci( si eht tgerat fo hte polarycchipt mlcooaolnn nytdaobi grud mbuaaizvilP).

aakb  I thought the fusion protein produces multinucleated giant cells. I thought RSV enters using the epithelial G protein? First aid literally says "All contain surface F (fusion) protein, which causes respiratory epithelial cells to fuse and form multinucleated cells." +1  
mariame  RSV F is a class I fusion protein that mediates fusion of the viral membrane with a host-cell membrane, a process that poses an otherwise insurmountable energetic barrier to viral entry.,energetic%20barrier%20to%20viral%20entry. +1  

submitted by βˆ—azibird(227),
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Hwo can ew aretffdinteei RVS rfom eth cmonmo od?cl sI it hte rlbaal,tei esdiuff ezshewe and pxtraeoryi rhonchi? lnoAg thiw the tineolatcsr ,iatterncors insingyifg iinigasnftc riprerysoat elmops?br

nbmeanswersownersucks  I was initially thinking it was rhinovirus too but in retrospect I think the wheezes etc make RSV more likely +3  
kevin  The key demographic for RSV is infants (<2yo), so based on age alone RSV is what they're going for imo. +6  
lpp06  Signs of respiratory distress = bronchiolitis over rhinovirus +2  

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