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NBME Free 120 Answers

free120/Block 1/Question#32 (reveal difficulty score)
A 20-year-old woman comes to the physician ...
von Willebrand disease ๐Ÿ” / ๐Ÿ“บ / ๐ŸŒณ / ๐Ÿ“–

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submitted by โˆ—imnotarobotbut(184)
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ishT is a adb tns.oeuqi letleaPt oiaangeggtr miet negbi ano,mrl ko fien I can ees tta.h But FWV esaibzistl tcraof 8 nda dyou' ees an aesecirn in TTP r(ftis ieln netx ot WVF ni isrtF i.A)d Why si ihret TTP onla?mr

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a1_antitrypsin  aloTlyt rgee,a adn yeht geiv you a gihtsl eneaircs ni TP etindsa +1
mambaforstep  yeah tbu fi tehy egav yuo an saiernec ni TPT htne Hlphoaiime A loucd veha bene a adlvi wsnera c.ohcie os hyet robp wdhseo a ln TTP to rtetedeinifaf vFW dz rofm elphomhai A +1
drpee  DVW only semsmetoi eensprts whti a yltlgshi aniredsec .TTP 'toDn tel hsteo knai ftcas eetrs oyu o.rwg..n suPl lal hte ehrot nswsaer akme no sseen. A?nmaibineirgofe htaT manse eyatlillr on fbniirgnio (TP and TTP luwdo be ntifnyliei di.ear)nsce ho?aeHlmepi Or vtiainm K enei?cfciyd hoesT rae oaaognucitl aftroc sseorrddi so thye loudw peetsnr hitw dpee eildgebn dan reagl ek(ilUn ltlaetpe drsdis,ore nudingicl VW,D hhwci rstneep wtih almocsu de,ligbne t,hpiecaee nda hyvea s.mees)n VDW si cyautall teh YNLO eno ttah sekam +11
cbreland  I gte why 'ist tno nmiinareeagfbio c(hhiw si athw I pkei)c,d btu stlli tdo'n dndsuatren hwo WDV si gt.rih ouY aehv ronmla TTP nda omlanr ltateelp egaangotrgi t(hbo of wchih lsohdu eb l.bnma)aor sI eth noly tngih idnelga su ot WVD si it bgnie a mirypra eeigbdnl susei? ig,Ana ym wnaesr mead no sseen, tbu WVD in tshi cx,ontte emsse way tou ehret +4
osteopathnproud  I regae tihw oyu @ancldber neoc I idcntoe I had ot dnbe lab elusav orf nay snreaw ehicoc etnh ni my deha mots fo them eewr oep.libss I ktoo a etsp kcba and enraws hitw hte tmos cnoomm bneidlge rdorides, vW di.asees unnFy thign is nhew I keorto ti ot hekcc ym wenarss, I ahd meit ot kveironht adn tgo ti +2
aakb  the iakn csfat veern terse oyu rgow!n my zaink rdsca say wo"L FvW ni vno brlWlednia iseedas asmirpi ttpealel {c{eod}}a:n1"his: B1G(p bidns ot FWv) ton ltetalpe gnreogiatag pGIbI(IaII bidsn to frbiogn)ine. yddalliainot ti ysas oyu can heva riteeh a rmanlo or ceanseri .TTP ni hist esac eht PT si otn isecadenr. It si radcdseee a ltltei, chwhi I uamess is efin esp w an INR of .01 +2
lebabs  htuS pu +7
justanotherimg  i gaeer thwi ed@rep , adn ew saol ende ot ekep ni dnmi ttah exlm-iehikald(nipoh cevsrsee)i nwot be ilkley ni tish eanptti a 02 yr old oanmw +1

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submitted by โˆ—bwdc(697)
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vno llniaedWrb seaieds is yb rfa the mots onmcom rdtheeiin ngibdlee hi.sstadei qne,lyrFuet teh oynl trroblayoa raliyntoabm si ndicseaer bglniede imte t(elylialr oyu prikc eht tipenat and ese woh ogln it aekts emth to ptos )inbelde.g nO ,Setp eldengib wenom vaeh WVD. iledgeBn bosy ehav hpheii.loma

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winelover777 TPT eosd nto heva ot be daleevet ot be D.WV +6
tulsigabbard  ep.lW +1
tekkenman101  cExetp 'srtehe no lyrtbaaoor ieifvred dgbieeln mtie einvg, only gigeoaatrgn ihhwc has to od twhi teatlelteaptl-elp introtacen.i +1

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submitted by canyon_run(4)
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why si eht lteaetlp ogigrnaegat tset si rlaonm in VWD? ym ebpmrol is ahtt 1bpG dan fraWVcto ahve ot ertiantc ot nudcie a miaatiooclnfnr neahgc ni lseatpelt to ralseee ADP โ€“gt;& APD dbsin ot ea-ctepdorpr nad cuneisd a/b3G2p hicwh lbaesen gaaietogrgn iav iifgnrnboe. chhiw owudl eald ot maaolnrb aeiag?gtongr dna si het ctitnieros yaass ton a lalptete gnoragegati stet? or can ti ssomimeet eb naolrm nad ioesetmms nto?

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bwdc  tI can eb bralanmo sa well, spdeden no eth bespuyt dna reieysvt e(ht iapeikiwd aepg oesd a enedtc job ielgn).napix Teh mots ocmnmo usypteb fo VDW si a auneatqtivit ecde,tf iwhhc is ftone /ynraedlmil lcaicllnyi toulcc nda cna heva satsieenlyl moalrn brroatlayo i.senttg ishT si eon of oshet qisnuoste hewer het salb rae leryal hreet ot dxcelue the ohtre ecs.hioc +7
chaosawaits  The tleatlpe aregontagig tets nda eht mloarn TTP estdeer me aawy as ,ewll btu hwne uoy kntih taoub ti, DVW is a mert atth dcilnues a ryteaiv of icecdiesnief htat nca eb iteehr itutiqaetnva or ltuqaiivaet. llA eth toreh stpiono lsdeti ANT'C eb eutr bedas on het alb lasveu .egvni oS shit utoenqsi ssmee to eb setngit oury yatibil ot knwo which eedisass are abvaelri itwh bla leasvu dna hhicw acn eb yiseal dlrue tou adseb on abl avlues. +

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submitted by โˆ—jamespham93(1)
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tP sohws aclalcsis gnssi of klac of eletltap H.IDNAESO AHEDONSI is deeimtda yb .WFv laeelttP TEORGIGAGAN sseiudt test rof GGOINEAG,RTA hiwch is mddeieat by noi,nrebfig thus eyht ahev nmrloa sruetsl on bla tetsgin as ehty are nto ttsgine a aypawth hatt usse WFv ev(ry smiiceunl dtilea I ko,wn yerv nign).yano

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