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NBME Answers

free120/Block 1/Question#32 (reveal difficulty score)
A 20-year-old woman comes to the physician ...
von Willebrand disease ๐Ÿ” / ๐Ÿ“บ / ๐ŸŒณ

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submitted by โˆ—breis(56),
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tateinP has tslicdyisoM urrumm daher at eth iaacrcd ether si alos a LFTE IRALTA hcEo sowsh FLTE TARMUI is nlrg.daee

diM r.lyisnlt etfl aiur..t.m

etBs eicoch: rMtail gurgeR

submitted by โˆ—imnotarobotbut(181),
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Tish is a dba nui.soetq altetelP ntiroggaage emti egnib m,lanro ko efin I nac see tath. Btu VWF ailszsibet fctoar 8 dna uod'y ese na aseenric ni TTP (frtis inel etxn ot VFW ni trFsi )i.dA yhW si terhi TTP l?monra

a1_antitrypsin  lTytaol r,gaee nda they egiv ouy a lghist enierasc in TP desaitn +1  
mambaforstep  aehy utb fi eyth agev ouy an aescerin in TPT nthe mhiHpeialo A ucldo avhe nbee a ilavd sranew c.ciohe os teyh opbr dsehow a ln TTP ot etnrieefatifd FWv zd fomr paeliohhm A +1  
drpee  DVW noly esemomtis eretnssp itwh a ltsiyghl snderciae P.TT tnD'o lte othes kain cfsta teser ouy w.go..rn suPl lal the rteho wrassen kame on miigre?nnabeAoif athT smane tliyelalr on binorngfii (PT and PTT uodwl be nftlyiniei )esdcei.rna oHmeeh?pila Or ivmatni K eiif?ednycc hTeos aer lotunaoigac ftaocr sroedrdsi so yhet ouwld nptseer wtih eped blednige adn gearl brin.gusi ikln(Ue eettlpal rd,sriesod iudnniclg D,WV hciwh nrestpe wiht lcosuma ngeib,edl eeiah,cetp dan ehyav )es.snem WDV is ltauyacl het LYNO eno ahtt asmek se.esn +10  
cbreland  I teg yhw 'sit ton nerboamgfeiiain hcw(ih si whta I d)ckep,i ubt ltsli 'nodt sndratnedu ohw DWV is higtr. uYo evha manorl PTT dna mlnroa eeltpalt ggrigaoenat t(boh of ciwhh olsudh be l)a.bamnor sI eth yonl hntig ndaeigl us to VDW si it bgein a mpirrya glibnede seu?si Ania,g ym rneaws meda on sesen, but VWD ni ihst onxtct,e meses ywa uot heter +4  
osteopathnproud  I greae whit oyu rd@eanbcl nceo I ctonide I had ot ebnd bal eslvau for nya answer cochie thne in my haed smot fo htem were l.peossbi I ookt a ptes kcba dna asenrw hiwt hte otms common eniedlbg r,soeridd Wv .edssaie nynuF hnigt si nehw I tkooer ti ot cchke ym enwsar,s I adh ietm ot oehvtirnk dan otg ti w.ngro +2  
aakb  het naki tacfs nerve tsere yuo wrngo! my znkai rdcas ysa Low" WFv ni nvo lWbeainrld ideesas imiaspr tlleatep }{e}1h:di{acno:s" (pGB1 nsibd to FWv) tno ltpetale oerggtnaiag pGIIaIbII( sndib ot fgr)bonen.ii ltdnilayidao it ysas oyu acn heva eeithr a aolnrm or aircense .TPT n i tihs ecas the TP si ton sner.idaec tI si dedcseare a ,iteltl chhiw I aesums si einf pse w na NRI of 0.1 +1  
lebabs  utSh pu +7  
justanotherimg  i egare hiwt @erped , adn ew osla ened to keep ni dnmi thta iliendmle(kpo-ahhxi srievs)ece ntwo be yeklil ni tish tpentai a 20 ry dol mnwao +1  

submitted by โˆ—bwdc(677),
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nvo bairellndW dieseas is yb afr eth tmos cmonmo eidhnreit ieedglbn hsia.dtsie tqey,lneurF teh oyln lrrabtaoyo rtoiylanbma si eindscrae elngiebd meit (tialleryl uyo ikcrp hte eiptant nad ees owh ognl ti ektsa emth ot psto eedbgn)l.i nO eS,tp beenldgi monew hvae .DVW leBnegid sybo vhea aih.lpoiehm

winelover777  .gerAe TTP deso not ehva ot eb etealvde to eb W.VD +6  
tulsigabbard  ep.lW +1  
tekkenman101  pceEtx heest'r no aryotobalr dirveeif bndeileg imte ,nvieg ynol igagertonag iwhhc ash ot do ihtw llaettpl-lapteete ainoeit.ctrn +1  

submitted by canyon_run(4),
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hwy si hte eltatpel ertaaiogngg sett si ralomn in ?WVD my meroblp si taht bp1G dna WocVrfat ahve ot ecnittar to uedcni a fmcinaaronolti gaehnc ni ttpllesae to relaese DAP tgโ€“;& DPA idbns to ta-roedeprpc dna edscuni p3G/b2a hciwh easenlb geiartnogag vai nro.bnfigei ihwch ldwuo laed ot nrabmaol agrgntaeg?oi and is eht rcoentsiti aasys ont a peeltalt agaegtgoirn e?stt ro can it meoeimtss be onamrl nad imoetmess not?

bwdc  It anc eb lraomnab sa e,lwl dpnesde no eth tubsype adn rtsvieye het( keawidpii agpe odse a ctdeen jbo epniglxin)a. hTe otms nmmoco syupbet fo DVW si a iaaiqtttunev efe,tdc ihhcw si nftoe dlelnaiy/rm inalliclyc cloutc adn cna ahev asylenslite ranmol aylroorabt ei.tsntg sThi si eon of ohste qnsuteosi wehre eht sabl era lrlyea rthee ot elcxedu hte reoth +7  
chaosawaits  hTe eeltplat nigtggaareo stet dan het nmlrao TPT rtdeees em waay sa ,well ubt ehnw ouy khtin uabto i,t WVD is a metr thta suilcedn a vrtaiey of ceciidifesen hatt nca be etiher nitaeiutvaqt ro ta.uilqiatve lAl het roeht oontspi setlid TCA'N be utre bedas no eth abl uselva .engiv oS isht tneuosqi eemss ot eb itnstge uroy tliiayb ot onkw chwih iseesdsa are eavblari tiwh lab aleuvs adn hwcih cna be eiaysl eldru tou dbase no bla lv.euas +  

submitted by โˆ—jamespham93(1),
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tP hwoss clssacila gisns of aklc of aeeptltl OADN.IEHS INSAHDEO is tmdeeida yb F.Wv talltePe AEGNARIOGGT sdsteiu tset orf ,OIGGATARNGE wichh is deadiemt by n,efoibrnig shut hety ehva alnrmo rlstues on bla titnsge sa ehty era tno gtenits a aywpaht ahtt usse FvW e(rvy sliueminc ealdit I ,onkw reyv iyng.nn)ao

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