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NBME Answers

free120/Block 1/Question#32 (reveal difficulty score)
A 20-year-old woman comes to the physician ...
von Willebrand disease ๐Ÿ” / ๐Ÿ“บ / ๐ŸŒณ

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submitted by โˆ—imnotarobotbut(182)
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hsTi si a abd .suetqion ePtallte aengatorgig imet ibegn lom,anr ok nief I nac see tha.t utB VWF ziabtsseil oacrft 8 and o'udy ees na inrasece in TTP rsi(tf ilen xten to WFV in Frsit d).iA yWh si hreti PTT lm?nroa

a1_antitrypsin  Tlalyot eeag,r dna hyte vieg uyo a thglis eaersicn in PT einatsd +1
mambaforstep  heya tbu if eyht geav ouy na eiaresnc ni PTT enth Hiieholpma A cuodl have nbee a dilva easrnw .hcicoe os yteh bopr odwehs a nl TPT to tdefitrnaeife FvW dz rfom imelphhoa A +1
drpee  DVW lnoy ieetmsosm estsnrep thwi a gtslihyl resiedacn TP.T D'nto let oseth naki cstfa rtees oyu .rwong.. Pusl lal teh threo sewansr emak on nerbei?gAnimfaio taTh esanm ytaeilrll no iinbriongf P(T adn PTT wludo eb itflyinien d)ceeairsn. lheoipHmae? Or ianmivt K ?dynecfecii Theso are lunogtaoiac rotafc dirsodesr so yteh dlwou entpers itwh edep gblnedie nda relag sriungi.b lkeniU( etaeltlp srdd,orise iungicdln WD,V hiwhc preents wthi suclmoa bendeg,li heteeicpa, dna vyahe m.s)snee VWD is alyatcul teh LYON noe hatt maesk e.ssne +11
cbreland  I egt ywh 'sti not marneiibaofegni wci(hh is atwh I c,ipek)d utb llsit t'ndo snrtdednua owh VDW si g.hirt You evha nrmola TTP and arlomn eatptlle grgeitoaang (htbo fo whhic uolhsd eb mla.rbano) sI hte nyol nhitg eadnilg us ot VDW is it bineg a mrypair leinedbg use?si iAgna, ym erwnsa dmea no ee,nss tbu VWD ni siht cetoxt,n seesm awy uto rehet +4
osteopathnproud  I eaerg tihw oyu erblnd@ac neco I ecdnoit I adh ot ebdn bal veusal ofr nya naerws ceochi htne ni ym dhae tsom fo hmet erwe bseos.ilp I otok a sept bkca adn ewarsn wiht hte smot omcmno lidgbnee ,sriroded vW edi.ases yunFn tinhg is nweh I kteoor ti ot chcek my wresasn, I had mite to ehknrtoiv dna gto ti rgon.w +2
aakb  hte ikna tfcas rnvee etser you grw!on my nkaiz dcrsa yas w"Lo WFv in onv allWbeirnd eesidsa rpaimsi taleeptl {{on:c:}}ih"easd1 B(1Gp bsidn ot )vWF otn eleatltp genirgagtoa (IaIGbIIIp sidnb to dolaadiiylnt it yssa you acn heav rteieh a onalmr or aneesric .PTT in siht easc het TP is otn dinearce.s tI si cddreeeas a tl,leit ichwh I aumsse si enfi spe w na RNI fo .01 +2
lebabs  utSh pu +7
justanotherimg  i aeerg whti @erepd , nad ew lsoa dene ot eepk ni mdin ttah hxdialeno-kimhlpie( i)vssrceee twno eb iyklel in tihs entitpa a 20 yr lod mnaow +1

submitted by โˆ—bwdc(688)
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von llabWrnide easedis si yb far eht tmso oncmmo rtdiieneh nedilgeb sahsediti. rynuleFt,eq the loyn orylbaoart atrylnbaimo is csednaeri nlbgeeid item tely(rlial yuo iprck hte atpntei dna ese woh ognl it ksaet ethm ot psto eg.)nbdeli On tSpe, lnegiebd noemw ehva D.WV ileeBndg ybos vhea lhhpmioae.i

winelover777  eA.gre TPT osde tno hvea to be ealtdvee to eb .VDW +6
tulsigabbard  leW.p +1
tekkenman101  xpEtec erh'est no alotrryaob difervie eindbgle tiem n,vegi loyn egaganogrti hiwhc sah to do twhi leeeetlltpalatpt- rantcni.toei +1

submitted by canyon_run(4)
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ywh is teh epetlalt tgirgegaano etst is lmanor in ?WDV my bmlerpo si ttah bGp1 nad cafWVotr aveh ot ntiartce to cdueni a onafctrolianim cnegah ni elttleasp to eserael PDA ;t&gโ€“ PAD ibsnd to opdt-rpcaere nda desuicn b/paG32 ihhwc lbasene aagignrtoeg aiv ngnfbi.orei hcwih dulwo eald to abamonrl gtra?genoagi and is het cttsiroine yasas nto a ltlteeap grngoatiega ste?t ro anc it imestsemo eb nmloar dna mossmetei t?no

bwdc  tI can be nmaoarlb as ,lwel ndesepd no eth ebuytps dna svreeyit hte( diwpkeaii gpea deos a eetcnd job gn.exnlpi)ia eTh somt oomcmn tuebpys of VDW si a ittvtquainea efcdet, chihw is toenf yilelm/ndra llanciciyl cultco adn cna vaeh enesslailyt lmnoar ratoaoybrl gne.stit sTih si noe of ehsot otssniequ ewerh eth salb rea arelyl eetrh ot xudeecl eht hetro cs.eioch +7
chaosawaits  The leeltpta tegrinoagga tste and hte namlro TTP eestred em yawa sa l,wel but nweh uyo ikthn taobu t,i VDW si a mret that scenidul a aeviryt of eieifeidccsn atth anc be etrhie aiutvteiantq or laaev.iitqtu lAl hte etroh tsponoi dtlsei NTAC' eb retu bsaed on eth lab vsuale v.neig So tish tosqnuei eessm to be ittensg your ibltayi ot nkwo hhcwi assdeies era breliava hitw lba ausevl dan hwhic nca be ilasye redul uto sbdae no bal e.lsvua +

submitted by โˆ—jamespham93(1)
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tP hsows caisslalc ssngi of akcl of etaleplt I.AHOSNDE ONHSEIDA is emetadid by FW.v ttPealle TGOGNAREIGA duisste ttse orf OTNAGRG,EAIG hcwih is dmedtiae by ,rfigoebnni uths tyeh avhe mlrano rlsuset no abl inesttg as yhet rae ton egtints a pywahat taht euss FvW e(vyr enciluism lieadt I wo,nk yvre ag)iynnon.

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