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NBME Free 120 Answers

free120/Block 3/Question#21 (reveal difficulty score)
A 6-day-old breast-fed boy is brought to the ...
Galactose 1-phosphate ๐Ÿ” / ๐Ÿ“บ / ๐ŸŒณ / ๐Ÿ“–

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submitted by โˆ—bwdc(697)
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hatW ew vhea reeh si a tacloingen tnelrcioean to rebsat :lkmi ctaaism,aeolg in whcih eht oybd cnaont cveornt caotaegsl to ogeucsl (gisreultn in an cuiomnualact fo aaeotGscl ep1h-p.ahtso) hyeT hnte istl het dsgifnin nda stest esdu to aodesngi ti. Losaetc het( ihaecsacirdd ni )mlik is moosdpce fo cseuotggle+oacals.

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okokok1  also you can cross out the other answers because: what builds up in essential fructosuria: fructose what builds up in Hereditary fructose intolerance: Fructose-1-Phosphate what builds up in galactokinase def.: galactose what builds up in classic galactosemia: Galactose-1-P. Hence, this is the only correct choice of the answers the stem gave. +1

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submitted by โˆ—nwinkelmann(366)
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If you d'itnd naturddnes the stste in eht ms,te thsi ldosuh :phle

irneU ucendrig tanesusbc e:tts nuctdoyeandemdipc-nf/nloisauaou/eosrhv.hstpttdcer:ceslsni-imsond--nu-rgtisya/mrsgn-.ig/ocm/

lsGcoue ideaosx :test atylacezs hte tdonioaix fo sguceol to noydegrh and If terhe is on ucegosl pnesrte .i(.e hwti icltaames)a,go eht test lilw eb veitnage saeecbu three is ghtnion rof het ttes to cl.eayzat

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drpee  TLD-Watch? Reducing sugars include galactose, lactose, and fructose. +8
chaosawaits  drpee be the real MVP +
chaosawaits  All monosaccharides are reducing sugars. Lactose and maltose are common dietary reducing polysaccharides. Sucrose is not a reducing sugar. +

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submitted by meli(0)
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RDWULO :7601 urcsoeF,t c,ogesul and oecslatag rea rciguden uargss dan nac eb ctdeeedt yb a corepp ecodtinru ,stte hihwc clnyaeispfliocn ctestde eht csepeern fo girdcuen ug.ars A rueni ,tsidcikp uess sceluog aiseodx to ceasraitn the peencsre of yinrura uosgcle nad wlli not etst opivteis in the eecnesrp of fsturoce ro a.lcaegtos

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