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NBME Answers

free120/Block 2/Question#31 (reveal difficulty score)
A 23-year-old woman is brought to the medical ...
Orthostatic hypotension ๐Ÿ” / ๐Ÿ“บ / ๐ŸŒณ

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submitted by thisquestionsucks(9),
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sThi etsqoniu si ndkai kcwha. igRth a,awy I udocl eltl tshi swa eeceinsed-xduric ,eaollpcs whihc sppneha teytrp ftneo ot .snrerun I kecdpi mnootciua niydcnotfsu aecuebs I t'nddi ailzree ahtt shit is rcodesiend an thai"troocts ietn.onyhos"p Arfet a onlg aec,r ernrusn aveh a dseeeadrc SRV morf lal fo teh dlobo ofwl gogni to lse.cusm enOc tyhe otsp, dloob pslo,o s'toned egt bcak to het ol eolodn and ythe clap.osle uBt fsf I ltils dtni'd icpk hsoiaostsrt ebeasuc I hnkit of dlo eeopl.p Fkcu me

step7777  Not ot itnonem aocrsstitoht ni eth loptasih lympi a dsenud genhca edsba on tig.ooinsnip shTi einptat d'dtin og fmro gnyli nowd to gnistadn yedudsnl ujts( ibertt bc I losa echos oanmtucoi d.cnisyfnotu +3  
jbrito718  aoHikeaymlp ldwuo trnspee hwit clmsue sekswa.en umicoonAt fdnsxy is a draesdcee roporercateb intvysteisi os ew ouwld ont ese aprepiopart trcocorine hiwt eeetavld ftee orev( pttrciheooycrrni/eesnon owuld eb en.)se ionsIcot aesinl wudol ont ectrorc amoi,reyntpah it ulwdo blypbaro aekm ti osrwe (iliundot cf)fte.e IM lwoud ahev dfeifetnr mmp.ssoyt +2  
faili7777  rbjt@1o7i8 I ithnk yuo rdmiosnesoutd eolhmtnPpo.igs ee woh do ramontah are laylre ieluesbtcsp to otyr.ahnipame Ad n teh etneatrmt for oehiptnmraya is ratllylei .'9%0 ase'inl ucebaes ti si n.oociist oS ts'i sude to ettra op'tyirahne'am +1  
stenebee  alos hscoe unmctaooi udctisyonfn sicne I gtohhut itarcsottho ohpietsnyon dah to mrseuead ni a uchm tsrho etim tleiavnr atnh 03 utniems prata like this suqnetio tesicidna 8(055/ at firt,s 10710/ yttrhi mtsuien rfeta gel n/veitoielnlasae onii.nusf) My nrbia saw nkgnhiit teh atpree emtresuaemn olwdu eedn to be hinwti -51 nism fro it to be sorhotictat eyinophots,n m;ap& epr FAPA Ohs"oattictr inpsnhooyet si didnfee sa a cereseda in soltciys oobld rupserse fo 20 mm Hg or a esrcdaee ni ioslctaid ooldb presesru fo 10 mm gH iniwth trehe eitsmnu of iasgnntd nehw aredmcop whti oodbl eserrpus mrfo the ntisigt or isneup itio.spo"n h hhhguh ): +  

submitted by โˆ—lpp06(39),
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I deugdf and tewn whit unatmoioc iufnotynsdc - BTU uyo can ielematni siht inootp easbuce the dbs'oy nroesesp ot hre emcohipylov esatt is telxayc sa ti shuold be (ceisnaedr RH eud ot ddsreeeca orebrcaortep tts) eehrT si no ynsicfodtun

submitted by โˆ—mamast16(4),
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huogT eqtsniou tub 0.%9 iseanl si itnooics dan anrmyllo deus rof luvoem iteeplonr si owh I otg ti

submitted by โˆ—b1ackcoffee(110),
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sfuocend hwy htsi si ont oationcmu nysfounidtc ro myarienapoht eud to taegwnis nad yhw si this ittcohsator ?nepnoyoihts

mdmofongo  Tshi neo is tkiyrc dna mceo swodn ot osihcnog eht bestโ€โ€œ tnip.oo I nca ese hwy yuo ewre edn.foscu voeerHw do onte atht in an itoacmnuo tusncydiofn uyo wlli nevre tnreesp aricdatayhc sa tshi ptiaten edso. I esugs teh eyk rhee si siegen hwo rhe PB rnosameizl ecno she is lyigan dwo?n rryS,o isth noe si a knadi uuslnau itosrannetep of hsrtOitctoa yhop. +  
mamed  tNo ures if ihst is rccoter hgitnnik but who I got shit rhgit sw:a 1. She is piloc h2yevom. liykeL rianetgni aslt so aetwr oowlfsl HA(D ro tsuj lraen csdimayn ni ea.)grnel shTi is hwo I erlud rou aykeohialpm dna y ape.a3rmitnho fI she is miaytpenrcoh c/b wtsageni tnhe hwy on'wludt esh laos be lyike?cmahpo os hobt ehva to gwonr eesucab bhot tn'ac eb r.th4ig lumVeo elidponte t;g&== rtshoicaott nntepooyish +2  
blah  I tutgohh ttah hiraostttoc pnioehsynot swa omer of a noicrhc i,nictndoo tub I fedool myslfe into vileegbin hatt. +  
cbreland  I ptlecymole edar reov het tilaini BP mnmteareues dna ckpdie het nwgor wrenas ms(oytl /bc fo ht.a)t esTt ni 4 adsy slet get !it +4  

submitted by โˆ—freemanpeng(6),
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hTe yke si nweh erh gsle ,pu pB nalrom nad ympmtsso efr.e In nt,csoat henW tnasding unu(in),gpnr low pB and nsec.yop And woL uoemlv si uylsr hte CIMts' M. sjut os eir.wd "eocrpsvereitt pertuso ecga??nh"

submitted by โˆ—cassdawg(1752),
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sTih is a icrtyk onqstei.u hTe rotnhea big potni of iufsncono ehre is hatt swaet uaaylclt escusa a omeihrsotypc emuvol nanciroo.ctt hsTi osccru bcueeas the tnneoct of taswe is coepmods rpimliyra fo awter orem os tnha .alts tiWh that sda,i sti eyulklni taht stih attpnie iwll be rinmoay.ethcp If ianygnht seh ilwl eb ramtprhenc.yei

lli-By buRin

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