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NBME 18 Answers

nbme18/Block 2/Question#47 (reveal difficulty score)
A 2 month old boy is brought to the physician ...
ventricular septal defect ๐Ÿ” / ๐Ÿ“บ / ๐ŸŒณ

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submitted by โˆ—ergogenic22(395),
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He has a dwon and out iu,plp deusac yb NC III psya.l Hsi ezag si due to uopsendpo itanoc fo the talarle csuter adn uiosrrpe iquoeb;l otsspi ued ot vnradoteine fo vtaerol ableeprpa ssupse.iior

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submitted by โˆ—cheesetouch(247),
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2 msnoht old w/ solyosoticlh LSLB ummrru -- YNLO lycotholsois muumrsr rea mairlt ueggrr, Tciurdsip ugr,rge VDS APD - oostnuuinc echiamn lkei umrurm

isaacyo94  Btu ihts aws ebdcedsir as a BWLGION mr.urmu ehWn I hera hte bzwouzdr BNWGOLI mumrur, I ihnkt gruger. +1  
djeffs1  acn msoeneo nrmedi em htwa eth anufoclitn ururmm owudl oklo e?ilk +  
ih8payingfordis  Dto'n get iddsrcetta by og"lwn"ib iosocHt soyll is het key eerh dna rmof rethe uoy nac get SVD ebuscae 'satht eht sotm oonmcm cloignanet trhea efdect +1  

submitted by โˆ—an1(111),
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s:locltsyiHoo ,MR RT, or SDV

Lwero fetl naseltr erdbor he(t telf eorrdb is Ebrs' poi,tn heaentb taht is the iTrcdpsiu r)aae -;-g&t RT or DSV

atWhs rmeo como?nm SVD (yb !!f)ra

fI eyth dha oieemdtnn teh umm ghivna PBD or aigtnk lpsil ofr a cpsyh odesridr, nthe RT oldcu eb a gib ercdent.on

submitted by โˆ—step7777(7),
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The nlticooa is twha peldhe me out. ftLe olerw rsetaln obderr si .LV Mlitar errgug uwdol be at ,epax PDA woudl be eicahmn lkie, tnaoctroica louwd vhae kewa tadsil eemtxiyrt seps,umli dna taetnp foenrma elavo wdoul eb rppue ltensar roe.brd heT lony mite evI' veer ahdre fo iscuTpdri airruteoggtni is thwi ,ADVI hihcw I botud si oingg no tihw teh 2 mnhot dol ybo lsuesn teh mmo sha eth eippysntro ot oshto imh pu adn ni ahtt case 'hed polrybab etpsenr thwi a everf ynwa.say

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