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NBME 19 Answers

nbme19/Block 1/Question#35 (reveal difficulty score)
5 yo boy, R eye pain for 1 week; retinal exam ...
Retinal cells 🔍 / 📺 / 🌳

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submitted by aliyah(51)
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fI a emgr lcle ro otmsiac lelc dha teh anoliigr ,tionmtau then he'tsre an nidecresa kirs ofr enaccr ni ertho asrpt of eht obdy Io .tfo olyn laitenr lcsel in eon eye is tue,mdta ylon htat noe yee is at sikr orf

submitted by doofusmd(5)
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sThi is wtha si noknw as a tcmiaso tmutniao: a amtoinut ttha ucosrc ni -mregnelnnio cslel nad, eeefht,orr yonl tesffec terhaugd llsce veddeir ofrm hte tnpera lcle twih het omutain.t ,So a tutmiano dcurocre ni a ittneifafdreed pretan ecll that aevg eisr ot a tes of trauhegd llsec h(chiw, ni tish ,ceas eerw esidntde ot bcoeem lrntaie si)esut.

submitted by drjo(9)
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no fmlaiy hotsiyr of eapoasiln nad aulertilna lpsnoaem ssusgetg oaprsidc mofr of oolberatmtasin (vs eregmnil (mi)aflila rofm hichw si sseotdcaia hwti teblarlai bnotoamritelas and otaecaromsos

in teh rcadpiso morf moanittu rucosc at het stie (niartel cesll) vs eglemrni laaliimf)( omrf ntuoatmi ruccos ni rgem csell

chaosawaits  ecorrtC me if 'mI rwnog tub itn's C aic"sotm lslec of hte "cldhi saol ccorrt?e +
pakimd  ti si btu it is otn ic.cepsif ti odclu eman nay siomtca clle fo teh odyb fo hte hidcl dna anc oefhreret cafeft htroe tspra of eht bod.y +

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