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NBME 19 Answers

nbme19/Block 4/Question#14 (reveal difficulty score)
11 yo boy, right mid-thigh pain for 2 weeks; ...
Ewing sarcoma 🔍 / 📺 / 🌳

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submitted by cassdawg(1765)
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T:R;LD Tsih is wnigE cmoaasr cuaeseb it is a ynoug boy iwth smlal beul llce beno tumor in the issadphiy fo eht furem

ignEw amcsora is a aigmatnnl oebn rmuto mmcoon ni nugoy sbyo t5;1o.&.yl pllctyayi dfuno ni eth shisapdei ed(il)dm fo nolg bosne cr(aayliprutl mrfue) ro pcvlie ltaf seb.on It is a small ebul elcl ,tomru gnanemi eth epscdtiror fo asl,ml imur,fno mprcyhaiecrhot lelcs wiht ighh scoymeslac:nuuptl or.tai It salo hsa an oon"in "iksn rleasiotep rcnitaeo in the oebn (eddisercb sa uetiss suoenudrrd yb ctnconceri ryslea of eevtrcai noeb in eht onusetq)i. toN meendotni si hte oiaaiscsnto wthi t(1).2;21 A[F 0220 p ]644

hWy the htoesr rea rowgn:

  • oaaChrmsrcoodn si a tumor fo tnmaaglin eodsynhcrcot caaitl)(eg and fnoud mlyian in eht pse,ivl plxiraom ,eerfv dan hmseuru
  • iihpnoisEcol ramagloun is si a arer, ibnneg mtkiu-eolr ireosrdd etrcrdizahace by alolcn lterofnoipria of nghLsnaaer llces dna hte stmo mmncoo rnaveit of Lnagenrsha llec iossWotuyiocsh.ldit eiykll asy tneomgihs btoua eBkcbri eruglans in eth mest nda ldowu avhe odesiaatcs spmstymo uchs sa rsha F[A 2200 4p3]4
  • tulMelip amomeyl is a sampal lecl rasayidsc [FA 0202 143p] hwit noetpoorurcvid fo lapyit)l(cy Ig.G tisacraitcrCesh ulidecn ARBC - pCr,mlayaeceih eRnal nlt,iveonevm e,manAi Bon/caeBk ipna ued to hpunecd tuo ilcty beno eilsosn t(llicyypa fo eht neps)i
  • Nlmpt'sres/obomhliaaW rToum si eht somt oonmcm reanl nyciagnlma of ryale lchoioddh nad rspnseet as a lakfn mssa [AF 0220 p 6]60
  • cotosaeraOsm (or oscngeteoi )casmoar si a ymrrpai oben utmor mocnmo in emn .;20tl& It si ycayltilp nduof ni teh pithmysase )ps(it of long no.seb Hglytisoo owshs pmiioerholcp oetsido digpoucnr cse.ll On -ryXa yuo udowl ipnltletyoa ese a odCmna egrlatni eoatli(nev fo to)meiuspre or butussrn rpneatt
  • aSlml cipctmyyohl hmalpmoy si nseysllieat het smea gtinh sa chrcoin hypliccomty eeai.kuml tI si drndioecse a idngkHono-n hamlopmy of e-lclsB nad the ostm mooncm umakeeli fo tdaslu a(s )CL.L gdeumS ecsll wdoul iylelk be esne no aeprehripl odobl am.rse It uowdl ont klelyi nsteerp sa an oclseyoitt ilsoen nad is ileuklyn in rcdniehl. [2FA002 p43]2
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