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NBME 19 Answers

nbme19/Block 1/Question#4 (28.3 difficulty score)
66 yo man, 2 months of not being able to ...
Libido: decreased; Noctural erections: normal🔍
tags: erections 

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submitted by drdoom(805),
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cbay0509  thank you +1  
ilikedmyfirstusername  there are several UWorld questions about psychogenic ED with the answer being normal libido and normal nocturnal erections, idgi +10  
djeffs1  Yeah NBME says its C, but I still think with a recent stroke you can't bank on normal nocturnal erections... +  
drdoom  @djeffs nocturnal erections happen at the level of the spinal cord (S2–S4)! a “brain stroke” (UMN damage or “cortical damage”) would not kill your ability to have nocturnal erections! +  
drjo  fatigue, difficulty sleeping and concentrating could be depression or hypothyroidism both of which can cause decreased libido +  
jurrutia  @djeffs1 when you say NBME say's it's C, how do you know that's the official answer? Did NBME post the answers somewhere? +  
djeffs1  in the versions I purchased from them they highlight the correct answer in the test review +  

submitted by shadowbox(11),
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submitted by quackster(0),
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