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NBME 19 Answers

nbme19/Block 3/Question#41 (reveal difficulty score)
41 yo woman, 34 weeks gestation; ...
Decreased functional residual capacity ๐Ÿ” / ๐Ÿ“บ / ๐ŸŒณ

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submitted by โˆ—cassdawg(1765)
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;LT:RD saatcruntf sdceereas ugln c,erloi so het ckla fo aactrtsufn in itsh byab will cseau na ierdsaecn coerli wihch lwli edreesca het nutliaofcn rusaeidl pccyatai FA( 2020 )26-6p616

fnttaSacur is ryensseac to scaeedre ruacefs oenstin fo villeoa nda sreaicen mlionpecca of het lsugn (mbeeermr wenh the lngsu ahev treegar elnpamico,c thsi ksaem eht gulns isreae to .)ilfl cuanarStft oasl esplh ot nerpetv aeolvalr pceoslla sa het kcla of ncaatftsur awsllo reteh to be igvrayn ufaecrs ntioesns nwebeet rlega and sallm lolivea aw(L fo ,a)alLecp so calk fo nasctaftur would ldae ot aeidsrwpde esaciteatsl eaaolvr(l peolasl.)c ceasBue rftuacnsat sevsre to eearescd steeh recofs hwich laormlyn vaorf sapeclol of teh u,nlg it oals revses to cdreesae the ungl oecrl.i

cLak of ucanttarsf in a bayb = ersecdina leavarol cauresf ntensi,o woelr amcielpcn,o moer oalelrva coaslpe,l omer eiclro ssel( ldiuesra olmevu)s

aolTt ulgn cpictyaa is gnhcdeuan useaecb itwh unohge cerfo uoy can slilt anpdxe het snlgu ot lful actiyap.c

geekymle  eyh !ay hksnta for eht aaont,nilxep tub mi' llsti ont eabl ot etadunndrs hwy daecedrse oinnafuclt iraesldu tcpac.yia +2
cassdawg  Nto seru if tshi lwil lpeh btu hateonr ayw fo kihntgni of htis is htta ti si iiasmrl ot amlpruony bssorfii hitw ddceraees cipnaemloc iegadnl to elowr atonifcunl ladriues cpat!yaic eTh onyl deecfierfn is here ouy entria lttoa gnlu ipcctaay aeucebs ti si a sevri"bee"rl oneliccamp essui ge(vi hetm ancafsr)tut nad eth nlgus sheevlstme rae ont hte Ao,s l ikle ouy isad in royu emcnmo,t lgsun 'tnow onpe up so ehtre si a elwor ttasgnir oitnp fro ibnreaht,g dna hsut a ewlro loufnnaitc lrduaies tpyaccai ou(elvm flet in eht sugln atfre mnralo onip)ia.xret +4
chaosawaits  oS if CRF srsadee,ec LCT edrsesace sa l,ewl chiwh luser uot E +1

submitted by geekymle(11)
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aSfutrantc cfnciieyed โ†’ on trndiceuo of larvlaeo ercusfa noisten โ†’ deurecd ayopmlurn gniodlnfu โ†’ lusng twno epno up โ†’ dercsadee nlug nacipelmco dan fnaionluct usledria caictapy โ†’ ieayopmxh adn aiycranhppe

hsit lsdouh leph

submitted by step12395(0)
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olduc moneose speela leaxnpi wyh recidensa tacist lnug leaoccnipm is wrnog

an_improved_me  Iadnrcees clcnimapeo tdcnesaii na serdnieca iaibtyl to niiaatmn a rcineat emvluo at lewro uesrr.essp In horet o,dwrs ta qluiibirmeu ,(tca)ist eth ungl acn ldho emolvu at lorwe erspssrue. ihTs si eth ostpipie fo wtah udwlo paphen fi yiilosochpg llesve of utcrftsana nacton eb oudrdec,p scnie tlsieca ricloe oges pu omlc(nipeac gseo .wd)on In htsi ,esca aeitrcn eousmvl of dfilu duolw cpooedrsnr to ehghri ses.pruesr +2

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