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NBME 19 Answers

nbme19/Block 2/Question#16 (reveal difficulty score)
40 yo woman, chorionic villus sampling
Confined placental mosaicism 🔍 / 📺 / 🌳

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submitted by ajguard26(55)
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nChroicoi villi npgmsali si het gknait fo eitnecg aaleimtr iwhnti in het oihocncir liivl of het aan.ctlep hiroociCn slpimnag si doen hnwe a ttpeian si ta ihhg srik rfo molaohrscom lritobisaeamn opvrius(e ps.o sstet, 53yo ro drel,o yilamf x)h. iurndg het 101-3 eeskw of yn.ncprgae

ednCfino elcptalan simmscoia rseltsu when eht SV..C. sntgiet emsoc ckab bkac wgnsohi a tsorm,yi ubt lal seqnbtuesu gtiesnt a(nd het fetus ft)esli heva manrol mlrochsaoom usc.otn sihT amy be deu to reeith a obsihlpcttaro ,toinumat or by o"ticrsmi see"cu,r ni ciwhh scriitom eclsl ttah eewr udopspes to eb ni eht etfus aer decinnfo ot the eaacnlpt ot pnertev an raaolmbn e.fsut

cbay0509  nakht ouy +
shakakaka  hWy Is't n.uaab.dleer +4
randi  ontfytuauelrn uyo ahve to heva an cuntcoa to rbaeunlsmc msto soessenpr +
chaosawaits  Wow, a 61+ eseornps ryea(lr ees tho)se htat ew n'cta e..r.da LMF +2

submitted by chaosawaits(90)
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I would oevl to wnok eht etur dsdo hatt eterh reseptaa apmless fo eht ichoricon uivlsl are meda adn ehca 3 aer ecletmplyo ldsetaio psegoteny dan none are a mxitreu of b.hto Als,o Id' like to wokn who tfeno a trrolabyao rorre si. If anyeon sah that data, I dlwou evlo to see i.t

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