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NBME 19 Answers

nbme19/Block 3/Question#39 (7.0 difficulty score)
45 yo man, lost outdoors in the Rocky ...

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submitted by wherearetheanswers(9),

The kidneys make glucose too? 6 years of studying science and no one mentions the kidneys.

submitted by peteandplop(13),

While not traditionally discussed, the kidneys' contributions to maintaining glucose homeostasis are significant and include such functions as release of glucose into the circulation via gluconeogenesis, uptake of glucose from the circulation to satisfy their energy needs, and reabsorption of glucose at the level of the proximal tubule.

FA2019 p78 - [Gluconeogensis] occurs primarily in the liver; serves to maintain euglycemia during fasting. Enzymes also found in kidney, intestinal epithelium.

... seems like a silly thing to test... shrugs shoulders laughs in NBME

Didn't know this either, but thought about how the liver and kidney are enlarged in Von Gierke disease