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NBME 19 Answers

nbme19/Block 3/Question#42 (13.9 difficulty score)
Study conducted to determine effects of drug ...

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submitted by kevin(17),

Tubocurarine competitively antagonizes nAchR. Phrenic nerve was still functioning, so the problem was at the neuromuscular junction. Of the answer choices, the only pure NMJ blocker was this

solidshake  Just to show why the other answers are wrong: Lidocaine - Blocks Na channels, Morphine Sulfate - mu opioid receptor blocker, Pentobarbitol - increased duration of GABA-A channel thus increased Cl thus decreased nerve firing, Potassium Chloride - replenish K, Tetrodotoxin - Blocks Na channels. Question shows Phrenic nerve trying to make the diaphram move with Ach release but fails because Tubocurarine is a competitive antagonist of Ach at the NMJ. +2