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NBME 20 Answers

nbme20/Block 2/Question#24 (25.9 difficulty score)
A patient with a 1-week history of diarrhea ...
Decreased arterial Pco2πŸ”

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submitted by hayayah(1056),
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niaPtet hsa hicornc haraedir deilnga to aibcoltem osid.icas atroriypseR ieotcmnnopsa lwli eald ot scerdeade 2OC a(rtsrpyrieo lloaakssi aiv taieypnntvlo)

usmleuser007  Aldo would increase b/c protons are anti-transported with potassium --> leads to hyperkalemia --> aldo activation ADH will also increase b/e of volume loss +1  

submitted by loopers(8),
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ehnAtro qkiuc ayw to itkhn fo htis is grhhotu hte lauof:mr Hp = 2/C3H.COO eScni pH si wol and 3HOC si wl,o 2CO tums salo be .wol