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submitted by โˆ—armymed88(49),
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submitted by drw(3),
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submitted by jointaccount(1),
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"nylo accinoarepiktmh coeespsrs hwchi are loclybgaloii ro hbcyiaelloimc meetddai hvae the elttinapo ot xihiteb rceisedeffn beeetnw ilcraa ro itnehc ouspg.r sTh,u the kanhciercotapim crtafso hiwch cna eb epcxtede ot intotelaply ibhetix railca ifefncseedr ear )1( avyiioilltbbiaa for dursg cihhw onerdgu tug ro htiaepc ssfpsri-ta oibsma,mlet ()2 tnipeor n,dbigni (3) olmeuv of utsiintdbr,io (4) hceptia ,mtabmleosi nda )(5 enarl brualtu tce.rsnioe tnoirAsbpo e(nslsu iac)t,ve ltiofnatri ta het elgl,moursu dan spaeisv atlrbuu prrasotnbioe oulwd ton eb pcedxeet ot iheixtb arcail edrfnesecf.i "

via: /4tvlwn4./itihb2heodus.9w.wp/1nc.3pmgb:nm0/

submitted by โˆ—kshaps44(1),
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