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NBME 20 Answers

nbme20/Block 2/Question#28 (28.0 difficulty score)
At a postnatal checkup, a 6-week-old female ...
Annular pancreasπŸ”

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submitted by monoloco(132),
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ergogenic22  Meckel diverticulum also occurs distal to the CBD but less likely to be associated with bilious vomiting +  
sympathetikey  Correct. Might cause pain due to ectopic gastic tissue. +3  

submitted by strugglebus(163),
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sugaplum  I believe failure to pass meconium is Hischsprung's Meckels don't present within the first few days of life, so meconium wouldn't be a factor FA 2019 378 +1  

submitted by gabriela(3),

Also may help: Even though they are not DIRECTLY saying that there is difficulty feeding, the loss of weight indicates it in this case.

Causes of early feeding difficulties: + Annular pancreas + Tracheoesophageal fistula + Duodenal atresia

Causes of late feeding difficulties: + Congenital pyloric stenosis

submitted by draykid(21),

I have a hard time understanding how annular pancreas can cause bilious vomiting when I'm seeing many sources say it is either bilious or non-bilious.

draykid  Ok, so after doing a little research. It can cause both, but if the annular pancreas wraps around the duodenum distal to the ampulla of Vater then you get bilious obstruction. +5