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NBME 20 Answers

nbme20/Block 3/Question#8 (29.6 difficulty score)
A 12-year-old girl is brought to the ...

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submitted by hayayah(1056),
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mambaforstep  FA 2019 pg 206 +1  

submitted by weenathon(34),

Anybody know why fatty acid degradation doesn't play a role?

andro  The question specifically asks for a process in myocytes Fatty Acids ( Triglycerides ) are primarily stored in adipocytes . It is from adipocytes, that the fat can be mobilized for use by other cells . Loss of adipocytes can decrease the width of the calf , but then again we are talking about mechanisms of muscle atrophy and the most important mechanisms for this is ubiquitination - breakdown of the cytoskeleton proteins +1