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NBME 20 Answers

nbme20/Block 4/Question#1 (42.1 difficulty score)
A 32-year-old man comes to the physician ...
Tissue: testicle; Effect: estradiol productionπŸ”

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submitted by step420(33),
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GBHC- dan ,SHH,HFTSL heras same plhaa ntisbuu, so GHC cna cvaateit hoest etrprsoce fi tsi in hhgi hoenug itautqyn. givcanittA HL etrorpce lwil dael to oerm otnrseeoetsT ofrm hte dgieyL ls.cle reoM etteseorntso anc eadl ot ermo onetrges fntimaoro via ea.stromaa

dickass  bHCG directly increases testicular aromatase activity, it's not because of the increased amount of testosterone. +4  
vulcania  And for those who were wondering (cause I was), Sertoli cells have aromatase (FA 2019 p. 614) +4  

submitted by divya(58),
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dlurow q di - 258 for c eodoirnntanpfsoregree esrancie maeasotra vatit.iyc

rosmaeaAt ivaiyttc is rsanieced yb ) -1 g) a2e o3tebsy )i l4niun)is i)n osoopna5grdt loolach

submitted by dickass(83),
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esetcilTs evha intfinsagci reomatsaa ca.yivtit hsTi cayenizmt iyativct is rueledagt yb LH (dan fo eoucsr )HGCb