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NBME 20 Answers

nbme20/Block 4/Question#3 (reveal difficulty score)
A 23-year-old woman comes to the physician ...
Collagen synthesis ๐Ÿ” / ๐Ÿ“บ / ๐ŸŒณ

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submitted by โˆ—welpdedelp(269),
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submitted by โˆ—champagnesupernova3(93),
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Tish is a ki.ledo nI lnarmo nowdu ainlheg ytpe 3 alcelngo is frits dhezsntisey nda tenh erdagedd yb iatxrM rtoatipeansolleme a( oalelsgaenc hciwh sues nZic sa a o)tacrofc and carpleed by eyTp 1. nI a dKleoi an vseexseci uatmno of ddrasngoizei peyT 3 loglneac eis.tsrsp ehoerfTer the fdetec si ni nlleoCag nisshtesy ypeT( 1 tsshy)snei

dulxy071  'dounWtl unGroltaian iutses be hte o(mre tcrro)ce sneraw ncsie het tiinila necglloa alid nwod fro onduw lhgaien is pTey III agecnlol hwcih is osnncsitet of aaguonntilr ?esstiu gloealnC si a vast for so nyam estyp fo sfleti as ew nokw +4  
kpjk  @ydx01lu7 hse hda a rruesyg 3 smhnto gilhanogea was enfi vnee tupill 6 kwsee gao so het lyaorbnaitm ccdoreur durgni egnrlm-deio hewn pyet 3 si lderpaec yb ypte 1 egla,ocnl os hte aswren wuotdnl eb onitnulrgaa ieutss +6  
pontiacfever  Kdlieo ahs both 1 dna 3 etyps fo leCnagol snracdiee oonciud.trp ,saerWhe aangltnruoi eisstu sostcsni of etpy 3 lnaclgoe h nhyclo.iw si why glnceoal esnhsitsy as seanwr uwdol eb roem iescipcf +  

submitted by โˆ—dbg(196),
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moI, tsih awnsre ioehcc is g,rwno htree is no eprobml in eth sreopsc fo oelcngla t"shsn"isye pre s.e eTh usies si wtih exessicve nstsiesyh and aezoisdrngid otN an nrml'aboa eicthtsyn rcoep'ss - as duowl be in S,ED F,M ,senkMe tce.

whoissaad  ctxlEay my irsnenoag fro otn coosnhig gelnalco i"steysshn" +3  
rockodude  notd rikthnevo ppelo,e htheewr sit an uidrdrtenponuco or pucnvdreortioo fo e,gcolaln docortpoinruev si ilslt aboarlmn ngacleol t.hsisseny sti lanmrbao to maek na svsecxeie mtonua fo nlceoalg 3 nadiegl to a dikleo +6  

submitted by โˆ—celeste(95),
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dusSon keli a prhcitpyorhe s.arc c"rryiehotHpp carss annctio raiyplirm epty III logcalne neroidte rlaallep to the irpalmeed csuaerf whti ntduanba esdnulo iinnotagcn ,rtbylbfiossaom arlge xuerltceaarll glleanco tseaifmln and lneptuifl diiacc pasyceia".soclohmucrd sp7a/0r/iMci/wtcmh/t.mw8il22s3eC:p.l9g.hwb/onntcPvn./

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