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NBME 20 Answers

nbme20/Block 4/Question#27 (32.2 difficulty score)
An investigator is studying patients with ...
Case seriesπŸ”

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submitted by sympathetikey(1252),
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sympathetikey  Source: +2  
ngman  I think another factor is that in case series studies there is no control group vs case-control, cohort...ect +18  
leaf_house  "There is often confusion in designating studies as 'cohort studies' when only one group of subjects is examined. Yet, unless a second comparative group serving as a control is present, these studies are defined as case-series." +  
fataldose  explanation of one of the wrong options - correlational study A correlational study is a type of research design where a researcher seeks to understand what kind of relationships naturally occurring variables have with one another. In simple terms, correlational research seeks to figure out if two or more variables are related and, if so, in what way. (source - ) +  
j44n  you dont need a control group in a cross sectional one so how do you differentiate that +  

submitted by bibobra(2),
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submitted by aoa05(21),

Case series is the correct answer. This is because there is no relationship being studied here. There is one outcome of interest with is West Nile virus infection. By definition, case series study is descriptive only (no comparison group). It includes group of patients with certain disease or with abnormal sign and symptom.