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NBME 21 Answers

nbme21/Block 1/Question#1 (reveal difficulty score)
A 24-year-old woman with sickle cell disease ...
Serum parvovirus B19 IgM antibody test πŸ” / πŸ“Ί / 🌳

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submitted by βˆ—keycompany(343),
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roeNingt ebnacal si a rtmmusneaee of ntiroep tebmlsaimo ni eth .ybod A vgtneiea tignnreo anlbeac etsidaicn cleusm los,s as riadcnees nmusoat fo manoi ciads era genbi emetazoblid to euodrcp ey.erng hiTs ercessnia het tnamou of nitnogre erceteds fmor teh d.boy cesBaue eth taoumn of ntreiogn ouy are ngatki ni is essl hatn eht numaot of oengintr uoy rae nirestceg, you haev a gateiven ogenitrn ancalbe.

Tish anm is ashu,lerinmdo uamdeo,tse chai,tcec adn has aou.phnymelbmaii ehesT iinllcac nifigsnd itpno ot ioetnrp ittrinaolmun (okrihaKasw sDs)ieea, ihchw ucases dmaee ude ot rcdeseaed ruesm octncio .psrsuree woL icotocn surseper in htis asec si ude ot ntoeipr l,oss and eehnc a eentigav tinrnoeg en.claba

submitted by βˆ—jo(29),
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rPvao ifctsen CRB ersspcruro ni the roawmr chhwi cna ucsea aitlacsp srcisi in ieklsc llce e.nsiatpt

jo  Infection of precursors halt RBC maturation which leads to giant pronormoblasts with intranuclear viral inclusions in the periphery (UWorld) +16  

submitted by βˆ—temmy(146),
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leHhtay eepplo how get kcis wiht puroiavsrv aym hvae a cllbucsiian isnlles with gsiaalhrta as eht lnyo spy.mtmo Btu esiclk lcle snaiptet adn tpnsiaet itwh desereacs aephotmisioes lwil dloev[pe enbo oawrrm ruealfi acbseue het iusvr atceff eht amcehittipooe esmt lcesl ngidale ot iacslapt csrsie nda ilaniibty rfo eht oneb orwarm to tuqleadeya spnetomcea neche the low leotirycetcu uravv iuostncr.op e.spdespaa.ulsc hkseec in kisd ohyprsd tafsile in teu,fs aicptasl sisrce ni eiclsk lecl nad ahtilarsagr in htore a.ptensti

henoch280  thanks. very helpful +1  

submitted by βˆ—spow(44),
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oT go oughrht the eorht w:sersna
A and C) If seh ahd emos rost fo milheotyc eiaanm udseca by dasiobinte ..i(e opteviis bomCso ets)t or seh ahd msyhle,ois hre clyiecuettor ocnut wudlo eb da tBevel)e No eend ot od a ilhrectspose,reo yuo nkow ehs hsa kcesil c llE)e ehS ash an eevedatl M,CV os hes tnac' vhea coedinye-inrfic mienaa

submitted by βˆ—unknown001(2),
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olw tceir =utnoc rmwaor ton ognwirk .

hwta acn pianelx hits ? porav vsiur fegacnfit the ecethopomati mets ecsll , nheec the lwo triec ctu,no

tiknh of the low criet ucont fo vngigi a ruticpe fo a iliagfn aorrwm

submitted by βˆ—forkyeaa(1),
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wyh si teh CVM dvetaeel in hsit uqonesit when t'si pudspeso ot be moyrnticoc non ecmtohiyl acalsipt man?aei

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