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Retired NBME 21 Answers

nbme21/Block 3/Question#31 (reveal difficulty score)
A 28-year-old woman at 18 weeks' gestation ...
Free T4 ๐Ÿ” / ๐Ÿ“บ / ๐ŸŒณ / ๐Ÿ“–
tags: repro repeat

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submitted by โˆ—assoplasty(108)
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I tikhn hte tcpceon rโ€™etyhe tsgeitn si het inedsrcea GBT llvees in ynp,rcaeng dna tno utsj pirtrhhemoydyis in grae.nle

hWen recgeisnn ofr ethihrmyryy,sp/hdoiop HTS elslve rae YWSAAL pyerlarnlfeiet ececkdh aeuscbe htye rea rmoe ntsisveie to uietnm iecrfendfes ni T4.3T/ fOtne istme STH eslvel can setrnamotde a agnhce eevn nehw 3T4T/ llesve rae in the slcbailcuin The ylon teoexipnc to tihs dwolu eb ni cpragneyn ad(n I suesg abmye lervi iraleuf? I utodb ethy lwoud aks iths .)htohug igHh oeetngsr vsllee nersepvt the lervi ofmr ganrbeki owdn ,GTB lnadgie to sadenierc BTG lsleve ni hte esmr.u Tish bsdni to eefr ,4T iescanderg eth uotanm fo aeavlliab free T4. As a neyoarmstpco inc,amshem TSH lselev ear lstirannety adcienrse nda eth ERAT of 4T cnupoditro si iarecdesn to hilpersen abneslie eref 4T .elvsel reoevHw teh ALOTT atnmuo of T4 si aidnr.esec

hTe utoensiq is akngis woh to rcoifnm otisryhimehrdyp ni a petanrng aomwn &g--;t uoy eden to chkec RFEE T4 vslele eec(sbau ythe husold eb rnaolm due to esrmotnpaocy s).sepoenr Yuo tconna hccek THS usuya(ll vedeteal ni nypnrgaec to cenoepamts rof icresadne GB),T dna oyu nantoc chcek lttao T4 leelsv l(iwl eb ea) ouY tgo the nsarew right irhtee way utb I inkth sith si a nieffterd nsreonaig rowht rcg,isodnine aeeuscb yeht acn ask hsit tccepon ni htroe sotctexn of hpsgsroem-,etyrien adn if ythe itldes Tโ€œSโ€H sa na esrwan ociech thta douwl eb errntico.c

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hungrybox  eyltrxEme ohurothg ewnrsa hlyo stih nkhat u so chum I oeph you CEA epSt 1 +9
arkmoses  eagrt nasewr laoptssay,s I ememebrr nljoga itnkagl oabut isht ni shi edon teluecr dsue(d a nlpfipi eelndg olyh t)hsi but it ndika lfwe over my a!dhe htakns for teh arkbe wo!dn +3
whoissaad  ouy aenm ltota auotnm fo T4 is nto" ?h ceadn"dg2n arpa last +1
ratadecalle  hsdawiosa,@ ni a nlmrao nneayrgpc aottl T4 si cni,eaesdr but the fere T4 lwli eb lroamn adn setr of 4T ubndo to G.TB If ntitape si eryy,dtohrpih aottl 4T louwd still eb dcianeesr but teh feer 4T owuld wno eb adesirenc sa wl.le +3
maxillarythirdmolar  To eatk it a etsp euhtrr,f nolGja nsnoimte ahtt ehert are a yimrda fo thigns urccaligtni in het y,bdo ntefo ni a :21 otari of fdue,rne:ob so in testas elik shti you ducol ulcatlay ees otnsipduir fo this aoirt sa eht oybd naasimint sit velle of erfe nheomor but eufthrr rcsneesai sit levle of uondb mehr.oon ajolGn sloa nonietms thta you'd ees het setippoo ceftef ni eht spnceere fo tosidsre dna irotnhcpe d.ysnmeors So uoy cdoul see dacereesd otalt 4T tbu amrlno rfee 4T ueacebs eth bdnuo otamnsu go wodn. +2
lovebug  iAmgazn se!rwan XTH +1
an_improved_me  Just ot :add nPeygarnc is otn an eecptxnoi to gsniu STH in ssdpuecet hhdirypteyor rtgannpe teaisnpt nto( rsue ni hiop;odyrh)yt uyo duwlo llsit tge a HTS fsti,r dan if its ulsunlyau w,ol uoy dowlu nteh deecopr to mreeasu 4T ere(,f ota,t)l adn os o.n is;mtm_m2.e_rnpr/ps4%9iaeonpm-ahphonur-H?-mrp=2eusit=s;=s/aiae=cana&sa/4wgtlishac0a&twtd-c=cay9l5aeiom;lnsoaanlegecraprntpr/erseuplctelpeThuokhcmfieihs;.g991crpa0ef0rt-esyit~n#acpnsnnspaymasy-wygagrddsts%-roenclhsidytcdt2ei:_ydeytuuednu&&itienodd2oti +1

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submitted by โˆ—unknown001(9)
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fi teh mtoesmcno seauc fo herysiiyrphmdto in yenrgcpna si argevs x.d, then hwy cnta hte RYIHDTO ADTIEBOINS.

lsp pehl

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submitted by โˆ—cantaloupe5(87)
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ohi/pdteyHoyrrsmyihp is deignosad wtih HST /w lrefex to 4T tish( jtsu estll eht lba if STH si onmalr ondtโ€™ hecck 4T tbu fi TSH is al,orbmna cechk T4 t.o)o STH wanโ€™st an inotop os T4 is het setb ean.swr

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hello  I 'tond egt wyh shti was .dtv.od.onwe +2
maxillarythirdmolar  To akte ti a tesp f,tuherr janlGo sineonmt ttha etehr era a ymradi fo hgsint inlutcrgica ni eth ,oydb fonet ni a 12: toira of euond,fb:er so in tsesat ilke ihts you dlcou lyacalut ese uoipdsirnt fo hist airto sa eth oybd minnaatis tis lelev of eref rnmheoo btu rrehtfu necrsiaes tsi ellev of uodbn no.reomh oaljGn loas iesmnnot ttah uoyd' see eth oiopspet fetcfe ni teh neecprse of otsirdse nda nhoitpecr ossnrmey.d So uoy cudlo ees erdeasecd laott T4 utb lroanm feer T4 uaeesbc hte unodb msouant go nowd. +1

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