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NBME 21 Answers

nbme21/Block 3/Question#31 (reveal difficulty score)
A 28-year-old woman at 18 weeks' gestation ...
Free T4 ๐Ÿ” / ๐Ÿ“บ / ๐ŸŒณ / ๐Ÿ“–
tags: repro repeat

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submitted by โˆ—assoplasty(108)
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I knhit the oncetcp yetehrโ€™ esgtint si eth scaindree GBT eslvel ni apn,engcry and tno utsj yermrypdistoihh ni

neWh ncsneirge rof steyyihhoropiymrp,h/d STH eelvls ear WAAYSL npalrrtlifeeye ehcekdc aesbecu hety aer orem tniieevss to tnueim cesfneedfir ni .4T/3T Ofnet msite HST lvesle nca tentordemsa a gacnhe neve wnhe /3TT4 seelvl are in hte isiclculabn .ragne heT lnoy ecitenxpo to isth oduwl eb ni rgnpnaecy (nda I ssuge eamby rveil elfr?aui I obtud teyh ouldw aks htsi ihgH enestrgo leselv etrsvenp het lirev fmor aegrikbn down GTB, gnldeia to nicseared BGT vellse ni het mesr.u ishT dsinb to refe T,4 rsenaeigdc eht namout fo eaabailvl rfee T.4 sA a oernpcaymsot sia,mhemnc HTS evlesl aer lnsyatetrni iaesrcedn dna eth TEAR fo T4 cdiorutopn is aednsierc ot pleehsrin leesanbi free T4 eeslvl. eoHvwre het ALTOT amuton fo T4 is sde.iarcne

heT ustnqoei si sigkna woh ot ronmfci sedyihoyhitmrrp in a rgenntpa moanw -t&;-g uyo dene to ckech FERE T4 lelvse b(eusace hyte uolshd eb nomrla deu to pomnyerscoat )sesopnre. uYo ctnoan hecck STH ulya(usl lveedtae ni pgcannrye ot etcsenpoma orf snrecdiea )GTB, nda ouy acnont cekhc lotat 4T lelsev wlil( be )edniescar. oYu otg teh rswena thigr iheter yaw tub I tknhi isth si a rffedniet anognsier wothr gse,dininorc uesbcea ehty anc sak siht pccento in htore snxtcoet of rytmhgs,-iernspeeo dan fi tehy lidtes โ€HSโ€œT sa an srawne ihceco hatt olwud be nioer.ctrc

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hungrybox  Exmltyeer tohgruho wnesra yhol hist ahknt u os chum I eoph oyu ECA pSet 1 +9
arkmoses  rtaeg swrean ysasopta,ls I erbmmere njoalg lkngita tabuo ihst in shi oend uetcler sddeu( a pilfpin egndel loyh hsti) tbu it adnik ewfl vroe my e!dah tshnak for hte erabk dwon! +3
whoissaad  you aemn alott amtnou fo T4 is t"on ?a heg"cdndn2 para ltas es.ecetnn +1
ratadecalle  ha@swd,ioas ni a lroanm yagpncren tlota 4T is de,nrseica ubt eth eerf T4 liwl be onlmar dna rtes of 4T dbuno ot T.GB If ptinaet si opethiyry,rhd tlato T4 udwlo lslti be recsieand but hte eref 4T wdolu onw be cdasniere sa lew.l +3
maxillarythirdmolar  To keta it a spte ferrh,ut nGjlao enmotnis ttah tehre era a imardy of hsntig cinucitgral in eth db,yo enoft in a 2:1 irtoa of ee:fnd,orbu os in tsaste ilke hsit uyo odlcu aactylul ees dnpoistrui fo shti atiro sa het dyob iianamtsn tsi leevl fo eref rnehomo ubt ruehtrf ceaisrens tis levle of dbnou om.ohnre ojnaGl sloa nonesmit that dyu'o ees het tsoeppoi eectff ni het penerces of issdoter nad hiopetcnr .donyresms So uoy ocldu see dseedcrae tatol 4T ubt omlrna efre 4T uebcaes eth bdnuo naostmu og .dnwo +2
lovebug  zginmaA !rsanew THX +1
an_improved_me  sutJ ot ad:d agcPneryn si nto an tpcneoeix ot iusng THS ni utceepssd ohhyitedyrrp atnergnp iaptnste ont( uers in oyht)idp;rhoy uyo luwdo tlsli tge a HTS itrf,s adn if sti lnyauuuls lo,w uoy dulwo then dpeeorc ot asmreue 4T e,(fer altto,) adn os .no a4crnsaueH-ulwisd?eoo_rs/niddaeekmys&md&2ngisoa-l2ypa%;=;l5y0es/osm~eeufunntpp4hti0prctstpam&p;y9ftomtcoa=esrawyec1niirrgyTmhariat-ictiygeds9pe;ne-n#ueihnscdemi.h=dtct0stc/=asnh%pl2ph:.naaia-9awlpsetst=o2_nmadr-eohtayecg_cn-prnidir9etgsraseu&prllcua/ +1

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submitted by โˆ—unknown001(9)
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fi teh ncteomoms aeusc fo doriihhytyserpm in yrnpcngae si gasvre ,xd. htne ywh nact the OHRITDY ON.TAIDBEIS

spl lpeh

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submitted by โˆ—cantaloupe5(87)
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rrhsHieytimoyy/pdpho is endgsaodi itwh TSH w/ eefrxl ot T4 ti(sh tjsu tlels het bal if HST is namrol noโ€™dt hcekc 4T ubt fi STH si rob,almna ckhec 4T o).to HTS atwsโ€™n na otnpio so 4T si hte sbet .enrsaw

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hello  I n'odt tge ywh hsti was dd.twoevo.n. +2
maxillarythirdmolar  oT atke ti a epts rherf,ut oalGnj eotminsn ahtt heetr rae a drmaiy fo tsignh tcglicarnui ni eht b,ydo nofet ni a 12: iroat fo neobref:u,d so in teatss ielk sthi uoy oducl tacluyla see opusiinrtd fo itsh itrao as eth bdyo nmatiinsa sit velle fo reef onhoerm ubt hrftreu ciesrsean tsi lvele of obdnu no.eohrm oljGan loas tnnoiesm atht you'd ese the ptepsooi efftec ni hte ncpesree fo rsdsotei adn onctrihep .dessomynr So you lcoud see adcersede oltta T4 tub mlnrao rfee T4 bsauece eht bdonu msatnuo og .ondw +1

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