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NBME 21 Answers

nbme21/Block 1/Question#5 (reveal difficulty score)
A 45-year-old woman is brought to the ...
Absorption atelectasis ๐Ÿ” / ๐Ÿ“บ / ๐ŸŒณ / ๐Ÿ“–
tags: pulm repeat

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submitted by โˆ—nosancuck(102)
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hurB tel me eltl uyo a ill eetsrc

PEEP ertvspen ecetAlsatsi KAA atd GLNU EOALLSPC

ntDo eb inwoyrr utaob nmdoar swrod yteh tpus ni trfno of teh IHGH LYEDI onse

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hungrybox  erilllayt dLL'O olma I evol sthi +17

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submitted by โˆ—haliburton(225)
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wiipdkaie olpsi(og)ea: The merhsepato is sedopmco fo %87 ngtniore nda %12 nogyxe. Sncie gnoeyx si geaenxchd at het r-lyiaecvalaiolpl b,rmameen ntegroni si a rmjao ontopcnem for teh svolai'el atest fo nalni.iotf fI a algre evmlou fo eintrgno in eth ngslu is ladecpre hwit enoxg,y eht oexnyg yam eueyutsnqslb eb eorbbasd toni het ,lbdoo gucrndie teh elmuov of het le,iaolv tiulnsrge ni a ofrm of vrlaoale eacopsll knnwo as nsobpiarto lsteci.taesa

I cesoh ceidoaircgn daeem, but I elevibe hist si necotcrri ueasbec eerht si on heatr raelifu iskr ta iths mie,t so the serpuop of het EPPE si lticynare ton ot psuh tuo uldif.

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bighead478  n'esotd heret veah ot eb an wayrai iubttcrosno cumu(,s ongrief ojebtc .ect) ni roder ofr htsi ot epah?pn 01%0 2O wuhotit yna riaawy tbonitucsor lshdou not seauc ainrsobotp aletsiecsat, tighr? +1
iloveallpotatoes  dAn Tsinone oxhnePoamrtu is ogwnr bc EPEP wudol urrufht ebexrataec .ttah +2
hyperfukus  @vtloeiltlsooaape eay i aelzrdei atth own eftar negtitg ti ownrg :( +1
plzhelp123  h4abd87e,@ig eyth era ngsiu a duecff atneaerlcodh tbue dna nicalcmlaeyh ngilttivean siht inpeatt ihhcw si gticraen an aigoircent r"tousnoticb" dna sa n@rioalbtuh nde,entiom gnahiv a ihgh F2Oi dlase ot toaroepsrvnio-b yb eht lobod chhiw ldsae ot asonrtibop sicealasett fi on herot gas is lodealw ot eenehrtret/ is on omnaciocunmti twhi imtoehscrap puesrers ngiurd onxtia.eirp ,uTsh we dad tivipose aieondr-xrteyp sepresur chwhi ekpse vaoeill eopn at eht end fo nixtpairoe to vnperte csalpeol +1

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submitted by โˆ—chandlerbas(118)
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snrubcho ortcosntiub pa trs ynegox in livleoa no noinrget aelb ot enter tmriecshoap( ira negrenit ybdo 7(%8 inornget nda 21% eoygn,x tnregnio si os toimntpra oringent cb ti is a oolpyr osbarebd sag dan hust si in dhregca of iepgnke alovlie xayl)idf nenoget in the ovaelil is oseardbb iont the bour edcondgil het omleuv of teh oalivlaevarl ole elacospl nirta ospob esaastilcte

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bethune  hWy is nmlruyapo tsneyiopnher r?ocnretic +1
samsam3711  PEEP slowal eht lovlaei to imrena lihtlgys pnoe wtih itlxeanhoa to etvnrep .iestlceaats rmuyanoPl iHpynestrneo is ogngi ot be tdreael ot carsvula hnsagec adeit(sn oyu ithmg ees htsuingn of dlboo ni aeras of poro inve)oniatlt +2
drzed  Pamlyuonr NTH souccr cbuesae fo aompyruln ssleve svcctis.tinornoao shiT anc uccro t/d pltuemil orsaftc, ubt eno fo eht msot opmtairnt nsoe si hoipcyx iooccsnrstvtinoa that teh glsun lwli dnrgueo rfo( a,epelxm ta lti).datue nI hte itsgtne of ,EEPP yuo rea atiegivntnl hte sunlg cytelef;pr sthi loslwa ofr hte anypolmur sesevls ot pone up and not ednurog ,Tsuh you rvtpnee alouymnpr thyrnpniosee via yoxiahp. +1
peridot  r@eddz by rouy iogl,c yuoe'r nrugiag fro D to be hte ewsrna tbu eth tecocrr ersnaw wsa oaubt negternivp alstitseeca +1
medstudent  The ntsoqeui si awtโ€™hs Teh sorppeu of EPPE si to kpee hte awriay nep.o hTe seorupp of nevniatltio wiht ullpnmeptase xgyeon can hlpe iwht etnipvnegr mpul TN.H odCul be w,gron tub atโ€™ths twah amkse ensse to me. +1

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submitted by โˆ—namesthegame22(13)
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toeOiagxnny of laeanciyclmh levanditet ttiesnpa in eth egtisnt fo uetac ulng ruyjin si hicelgngnla eeucabs fo cdeeudr ngul clncpmaeio nad eptbsvorai tsliaseeact fomr ldifu ni eht raoavlle

tieovisP rtdapynexei-or usrpeesr PE)PE( acn ecdure the uanmto fo rllaevoa splceloa adn elistesaact.

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